Why Should You Have Welcome Kits for New Employees?

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Starting a new job is an overwhelming experience. You have to get used to a different workplace, fit into a team that has an established dynamic, figure out how to go about daily tasks, and essentially prove your mettle to your new team.

A new employee is likely to be anxious, excited, and skeptical about their new job, all at once, which is why making them feel comfortable is necessary. Ease them into the role with a custom welcome kit. Here are some things you could ask when preparing an employee welcome box.

What do I want newcomers to know about us?

Think of what you hope new hires would think about your company. You should make them feel like part of the team and prepare them for a job—a well-crafted welcome kit could achieve both.

By default, welcome kits have official documents your employee needs to fill out and turn in at the end of their first week. However, these packets are also an opportunity to emphasize your internal branding and company culture while fostering positivity.

What must I include in a welcome kit?

For starters, your kit should have onboarding instructions and a list of company values and rules. It should also have information on the division or team your new hire is joining. You should also include NDA agreements, contracts, and forms that the employee must accomplish.

It’s also good to issue your new employee’s electronic pass, office supplies, and official equipment like company-issued laptops, tablets, or branded accessories together with the kit.

How can I make people feel welcome?

Accommodate your new employees by conveying your company culture through your kits. If you’re casual, your welcome kits should be offbeat, friendly, and cheerful; if your company is more buttoned-up, you could reflect that in the materials’ palette and format.

Your internal branding must be on-point; include your company logo and design elements on all printed items. Aside from getting a feel for a place, people also appreciate company merchandise; you could have things like branded t-shirts, jackets, caps, mugs, and even bags. Add stuff like coffee bean jars, chocolate bars, or other office food items to ease them into their first day.

How do I set them up for success?

Aside from being a way to deliver official items, your welcome kit could have a booklet or a primer that responds to FAQs. This is a huge timesaver for your new employee, and it could help them adjust quickly to their new office without having to dig up procedures or templates.

Your FAQ should cover everything your new employee should know during his first month. However, it would also be helpful to include a directory. Your new hire can refer to your list of phone numbers if he needs to ask detailed questions.


Employee welcome kits are a great way to show a new hire that you want them to feel at home with the team. Aside from official documents and equipment, add a touch of your company culture by adding primers, merchandise, and official company gear. Any employee that receives a thoughtfully-made welcome box will find their first-day jitters melting away and will adjust to being part of your team in no time.

Get your new hires off to a great start by including custom company merchandise in their welcome kits. Our team can help you with that—Optamark delivers a range of graphic design and online printing services for your company’s branding needs. Get in touch with us to learn more!

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