Why Content Matters for SEO – What to Know


Years ago, advertising media was mostly one-directional, that is, on print, television, or radio. Brands would split the audience demographics into broad age groups, socio-economic classes, and locations. Consumers were categorized very loosely, and advertising copy would speak very broadly about the benefits of products and services.

Customers became loyal to brands because most everyone encountered advertisements in the same way: when they opened the newspaper, or during the favorite TV shows, or while listening to the morning radio circuit. Nowadays, the way we choose and consume our products has radically changed because of the internet.

Digital advertising has opened up new opportunities and transformed the way brands promote their products. While the basics are still in place, like demographics and paying for placement spots, advertisers can zoom in on specific target groups, isolating customers based on hobbies, inclinations, behaviors.

One the other end of the spectrum, the biggest change is that people can seek out the brands that they want, versus picking from what advertisers give them. Customers are now utilizing more resources online to educate themselves about their purchases. They are now using the internet to find answers and insights instead of relying on advertisers to tell them what to buy.

The Role Of Content

The challenge of businesses online is to be able to reach those customers at the point of need and guide them to their products and services. One of the most important ways advertisers can do this is to offer their customers content.

Content is valuable information that you provide to your customers that can influence their decision-making process. It can be anything from insightful blog articles, videos, e-books, illustrations, or case studies, among other things. Content can give your customers insight about your brand, what you offer, and how your business can solve their problems.

Content creation is a deliberate, strategic effort to take the viewer’s interest and convert it into a successful sale. You can reel them in with a catchy headline, a useful how-to guide, or an exciting video demonstration. Content is also a great way to highlight what makes your brand unique and what sets you apart from your competitors. The better the quality of your material, the likelier they are to buy.

Why Does Content Matter?

Businesses can fill their websites and social media pages with informative and relevant content to drive traffic. The right kind of content contains keywords that search engines pick up on and use to pick out which pages to display when a person runs a search with those words involved.

Ultimately the role of content is for your site to get noticed and for search engines to direct traffic into your site to start them on the sales journey. Having content on your site can attract customers, while the quality and relevance can retain their attention and make lasting impressions. The longer they spend on your site and the more interested they become in your brand, the more time you have to convert them into a customer.

The Key Takeaway

Successfully navigating multi-directional advertising online can boost awareness of your brand, increase your customer base, and build loyalty. Advertising is no longer about brands rattling off a litany of benefits, it’s also about listening to customers’ issues and supplying them with information to empower their decisions. Curate your content carefully and you can grow your exposure and expand your reach.


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