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Who We Are

About Us

Humble Beginnings

In 2011, Optamark started, serving as an online printing business. Our goal was to provide clients with seamless integration of printing and marketing services. We started out by combining the traditional methods of printing with digital methods.This approach has yielded great results, earning us recognition in a 500-year-old market worth 640 billion dollars.

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About us - Optamark Digital
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Why us

Spreading Our Tentacles

Our growth in the industry has been steady and upward. We are currently one of the fastest-growing full-service printing and marketing agencies in the world. Currently, we have two offices in the United States and India, two huge world market places.

Global Presence

We have grown to the point where we now offer our services and support on a global scale. We can pretty much handle anything that has to do with putting ink on paper.

Awards & Recognition

Time and time again we have received awards as a recognition for the efforts we have tirelessly put into disrupting the current printing industry, and raising the standards for others to follow.

A Look To The Future

Our eyes are continually focused on continued growth. We have continually looked to new challenges to overcome and territories to conquer. We are now moving into the future.

OPTA - Metamorphosis

We are expanding our horizons to include a venture in marketing and branding. Over the years, we have studied our growth and also studied the market. At this point, we strongly believe that this is the way to go.

New Beginnings

In a lot of ways, it feels like starting all over again. But it's a challenge worth taking up. We have the experience, wealth of knowledge, as well as ever-capable hands to help in this journey.

Limitless Opportunities and Possibilities

This new step would open up limitless opportunities and possibilities for us and our clients. We believe that offering our customers the best of services at perfect market price.

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