What Is E-E-A-T?: How To Improve Your Content & Seo Strategy

What Is E-E-A-T?: How To Improve Your Content & Seo Strategy
What Is E-E-A-T?: How To Improve Your Content & Seo Strategy

What Is E-E-A-T?: How To Improve Your Content & Seo Strategy

Google’s E-E-A-T concept is pretty straightforward. Just like we need food to survive, your website needs good content to thrive. Let’s explore this idea a bit.

This concept got some attention with what people call the “Medic” update. Industry experts noticed that Google started valuing high-quality content more, previously known simply as E-A-T. The term E-E-A-T first popped up when Google’s Search Quality Guidelines leaked in 2022. When Google officially shared more details later, they stressed just how important E-E-A-T is.


Experience - seo agency ct

Google has added a new ‘E’ to its content evaluation process: Experience. This focuses on personal or firsthand experiences related to the topic. With the rise of Helpful Content, Google now greatly values the credibility and reliability of a webpage.

Sharing personal stories and experiences about a topic will not only be valued by Google but also help you connect with your audience.

For example, did you recently visit a National Park in the U.S. or experience a cultural change in a different country? Writing about these firsthand experiences can provide valuable insights, making you a subject matter expert in the eyes of your readers.


Expertise - seo agency ct

In simple terms, expertise means demonstrating your skills clearly in your website’s main content and ensuring visitors are aware of your qualifications. This is crucial for websites related to medical, financial, and legal issues—often called YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) websites. These sites handle sensitive information and require a high level of expertise. For other types of websites, where credibility may not be as critical, the need to showcase expertise isn’t as intense. However, by maintaining honesty and producing valuable content, any website can showcase its expertise and stand out, regardless of the industry. This approach not only builds trust with your audience but also enhances your reputation as a reliable source of information.


Authoritativeness - seo agency ct

It’s important to show that the creator of your main content is an authority in their field. Encourage your content experts to include their names and credentials with their articles. This helps readers understand the source of the information and whether it’s trustworthy.

If your content is scientific or research-based, it’s crucial to provide proper citations. Regardless of the type of content, including a photo of the author along with a short biography can make your brand feel more personal and transparent to your audience.


Trustworthiness - seo agency ct

We know it’s tempting to create content just to improve search rankings. However, focusing on your audience is crucial. Using too many keywords—a practice known as “keyword stuffing”—doesn’t actually work. Google is good at spotting content that’s made just for clicks rather than providing real value.

It’s important to show users they can trust your content. This is especially true for eCommerce sites that handle payment information. Users should always feel safe on your site. To be seen as trustworthy, your content should be useful or educational in relation to your business. Avoid keyword stuffing because it can lead to your site being flagged by Google, which might cost you customers.

Reap The Rewards of Embracing E-E-A-T

Reap The Rewards of Embracing E-E-A-T - seo agency ct

Does it seem like following Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines is time-consuming? If you think so, you’re right. It does take time to adhere to these standards, but the effort is worthwhile. Google says that it considers content low quality if it’s made without enough time, effort, expertise, or skill.

Your website is only as good as the content you provide. So, prioritize your users, work with industry experts, and ensure your visitors feel secure. By sticking to these simple rules for quality content, you’ll be well on your way to creating engaging, useful, and accurate content. Using E-E-A-T as your guide shows you’re doing exactly what Google recommends, which can help establish your site as an authority. In the digital marketing world, having Google’s support is crucial for success.


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