Website Redesign Checklist: 6 Steps to Success in 2024

Website Redesign Checklist: 6 Steps to Success in 2024

Your website is like the digital face of your business, where potential customers form their first impression of what you have to offer. It showcases your brand’s personality, your team’s dedication, and the values you stand for.

If you’ve noticed that your website isn’t performing as well as it should, it might be time for a makeover. We get that the idea of revamping your website can feel overwhelming, so we’ve put together a simple six-step checklist to guide you through the process.

Following these steps will not only spruce up your online presence but also help you reach your marketing goals for 2024. But before we jump into the checklist, let’s go over some signs that suggest your website could use some freshening up.

How to Determine If You Need a Website Redesign

If you feel like your website development could use a little refresh to make it more user-friendly, don’t worry too much just yet. Even if it’s still doing its job and bringing in customers, there might be room for improvement. To help you decide if a redesign is necessary, here are some questions to consider:

  • Is your website helping you reach your business goals?
  • Can your marketing team easily manage and update the site, run tests, and add new content?
  • Do you have the right analytics tools to track performance and make improvements?
  • Is your website mobile-friendly? With nearly 60% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s crucial to cater to mobile users.
  • Are you rebranding, launching new products, or looking to give your website a fresh new look?


After considering these questions, you’ll have a better idea if your website could use a refresh. Also, keep track of your website’s performance data. If you notice these key metrics declining, it might be time to think about a redesign:

  • Bounce rate
  • Organic traffic
  • Conversions, leads, and form submissions
  • Website speed (check factors like time to first byte, time to download an HTML page, and time to render)


6-Step Website Redesign Checklist

The website redesign process is like a journey, and you shouldn’t go it alone. You’ll need to balance different tasks and get help from various departments in your company. It might feel like a lot to handle, but if you take it one step at a time, you can steadily move forward and reach your goals.

1. Audit Your Current Website

Start with a detailed audit of your current website. Look for both weaknesses and strengths to ensure your redesigned site maintains what’s working well. Here are the key areas to cover in your audit.

  • Map Topical Coverage

Your website should represent your business well by educating visitors about your offerings and addressing their questions. Create a map of website topics aligned with your business strategy to ensure all key areas are covered during the redesign.

  • Analyze the Data

Explore your website’s data to conduct a comprehensive audit. Analyze the performance of each page, track visitor entry and exit points, identify high-converting pages, and assess the time spent on key pages. Utilize tools like GA4, HubSpot, and other web analytics platforms to gather valuable insights.

  • Complete an SEO Audit

Ensuring your website is SEO-friendly is crucial for attracting visitors. Conducting an SEO audit can identify areas for improvement. Here are some helpful tools:

Google Search Console: Tracks organic search traffic and detects crawling issues.
Semrush: Identifies technical issues and monitors keyword rankings.
Screaming Frog: Scans for broken links and duplicate content.

2. Align on Goals

SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. This approach helps you focus on achievable goals with a meaningful impact. You can also set stretch goals for even greater ambition.

For example, if your current form fill rate is 3%, aim to increase it to 5% by year-end as a SMART goal. A stretch goal could be 7% by the same time.

Though these may seem small, achieving them can significantly benefit your business. Increasing from 3% to 5% means boosting lead flow by 66% – a big win for your sales team. And with the right website redesign service, these goals are entirely within reach.

3. Hire a Skilled Web Design Partner

Once your goals are set, look for an agency that can support you in development, creativity, strategy, and more.

Opt for an agency with a track record of designing websites similar to yours, particularly those skilled in platforms such as HubSpot and WordPress, which facilitate easy site management.

When assessing potential partners, review their portfolios and case studies. Additionally, consider their communication style during initial discussions, as establishing a positive working relationship is crucial for the collaboration ahead.

4. Invest in New Content and Marketing Assets

The website redesign process is an ideal time to enhance your business’s creative elements. Listen to your web design partner’s suggestions—they’re pros and can help bring your ideas to life. Here are some content ideas to consider adding to your website:

  • Product images
  • Graphics
  • Video content
  • Educational articles, videos, and guides
  • Team photos
  • Help center resources
  • Customer testimonials and case studies


5. Test Design and Functionality

Testing your website before it goes live is super important. Here’s what you need to check:

  • Does your website work well on different devices and browsers?
  • Are all the buttons and links functioning properly?
  • Is your site responsive to different screen sizes?
  • Are forms and other interactive features working smoothly?
  • Have you fixed any typos or errors?
  • Are page titles and descriptions accurate?
  • Is your website secure from online threats?


By testing everything thoroughly, you ensure a smooth website launch and a great user experience for your visitors.

6. Launch Your New Website

Once you’ve completed all the previous steps, it’s time to press the big red button and launch your website. This is a thrilling moment—it’s the outcome of months of hard work! Take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments, but keep in mind that your job isn’t over yet.

In the weeks and months ahead, keep a close watch on how your new website performs. Look for areas where you can make improvements. Remember, perfection isn’t achieved overnight, especially after a major redesign. So, keep testing, learning, and refining elements like form placements, headlines, and calls to action (CTAs).

Ready to Revamp Your Website?

Redesigning a website is a big team effort. At Optamark Digital, we know it’s important for everyone, including you and your partners, to work together on this project. It’s a big investment, but when you complete all the steps in our website redesign checklist, you’ll have a valuable asset for your business that keeps giving back.

Thinking about updating your website in 2024? We’ve got you covered! Our team at Optamark Digital specializes in creating websites that not only show off your brand but also grab the attention of your target audience. Get in touch with us today to start your website makeover journey!


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