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Video Proves to be a Proactive and Game-Changer Tool for Your Business!

Video is an amalgamation of both visuals and audio. It is scientifically proven that the human brain processes 10x better on the stimulus of hearing and seeing than reading. Now you know, why watching and hearing a concept penetrates better within our mind than just simply reading a plain text about it. It is not hidden how in today’s marketing space video is a crucial inclusion that gives unmatchable results to your business. In order to penetrate the customer’s mind, help them relate and connect to your brand story better, to make them value your brand and to create a sincere and empathetic perception of your brand in their minds, video is the only best go-to choice.
Optamark Digital not only creates, edits and produces video, but also markets it efficiently. Optamark Digital is the one stop solution for all your video marketing and corporate video production woes. We look up to all sorts of video editing services and enable you to outsource video editing to us, fitting your convenience and cost.

Video Marketing and Video Production is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea, Let Only the Experts Handle it!

Video marketing is more of an art than a skill these days. Anyone can create a video using the advancements in technology, but how many can create a video that sells a product or a proposition? Or depicts your care for your customers and effortlessly conveys your brand story and advertising goal? Optamark Digital really gets to the crux! The internet is flooded with video production companies that can shoot and edit a video, but not necessarily produce a script, or ensure that the video is as per the script, or that it sticks your marketing goal, brand identity or raises your sales.

Optamark Digital does it all for you. Video production for us is not just limited to shooting and editing, but to ensure it ups your digital game and boosts sales. Our video marketing plan aligns with your branding and marketing goals. This simply means we put a lot of thought into research and to study your prospects and their interest personas.

Videos Can Compel Your Prospects to Take a Buying Decision in Your Favor!

Let’s face the truth, Optamark Digital spills out facts for you. Your audience loves you more for what you offer them rather than who you are and what they hail from you. Your customers love to engage with your content because it provides utility to them. People are likely to connect and respond better to a video that gives them information and at times also strike their emotional chords. It is more important than ever before to include a comprehensive or a video series plan and our video marketing services help you exactly with that. While long and informative videos are essential in corporate video production, it is equally important to include short, crisp and precise videos that are not only appealing, but also engage your prospects. Let’s be honest, we all prefer a 15-30 sec video over a 2 min video! Add a bit of content that your customers find useful and you are ready to rock and roll!
Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos

Once you create a video and share it on any social media platform, you have created a social media video. It’s that simple! Social media videos are created for a number of varying reasons including for fun and entertainment, to boost traffic to an online page, etc.

Website Videos

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