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Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks To Grow Your Business In 2022!

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking platform for developing and keeping professional contacts, unlike more informal social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. LinkedIn may help with lead creation, brand visibility, and developing professional connections, among other digital marketing objectives.

Here are 15 marketing tips for using LinkedIn to grow your professional network, customer base, and revenue. For the time being, let’s talk about the benefits of advertising of LinkedIn and how to set up a company page on the platform.

LinkedIn is an excellent resource for finding new customers, employees, and partners. Professionals in any field may find like-minded individuals on LinkedIn. The emphasis is on professional and personal development in the corporate world.

Importance of LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn marketing calls for a unique strategy due to the network users’ unique demographics. LinkedIn isn’t the best place to promote your business’s goods and services compared to other social media sites. Overt attempts to sell anything, spam or otherwise, come off as desperate and are not well received on LinkedIn. That’s why it’s crucial to have a marketing plan tailored to the medium.

LinkedIn, when used correctly, is a powerful marketing tool that may help your company reach new heights. Sprout Social reports that compared to just using Facebook for advertising, firms who promote on LinkedIn saw a 277% spike in leads. Eighty percent of the social media leads from the surveyed B2B marketers came from LinkedIn.

Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks in 2022!

There are multiple things that you need to keep in mind for hacking your way through LinkedIn Marketing, but the most important ones to get you started are listed below:

1. Prioritize and set goals

prioritize and set goals - LinkedIn Marketing - Optamark Digital

Your goals may change depending on whether you utilize LinkedIn for business-to-consumer or business-to-business purposes. To begin, you need to determine what you want to achieve with the help of your marketing efforts on LinkedIn.

Anything you desire to accomplish with your brand might be considered to fall under this category. This may involve speaking with other businesses, listening to comments, or spreading the news about your online presence. It may also involve spreading the word about other firms’ online presence.

2.Know your audience and market

know your audience and market - LinkedIn Marketing - Optamark Digital

Defining your target demographic before launching LinkedIn lead-generation ads can help you get the most out of the campaign. However, knowing who you’re selling to isn’t enough. To truly understand what people want, value, and talk about, you must first understand what they want.

You may find out more about your present audience by looking at the statistics area of your Company Page on LinkedIn.

3. Make engaging posts

Make engaging posts - LinkedIn Marketing - Optamark Digital

Posting custom picture collages with three to four photos in them is recommended by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Inserting SlideShare, PowerPoint, or PDF presentations will enrich and round out your post.

Native LinkedIn videos automatically play when users scroll by them, which is an exciting feature in and of it. Additionally, films posted to LinkedIn are given a boost by the site’s ranking system

4. Try to stand out or, better yet, go viral

Posting directly to LinkedIn has been the most valuable aspect of the service. If your content gains enough traction, LinkedIn may include it in one of its categories, exposing it to possibly tens of thousands of new readers (or more). It’s a great way to be noticed and has your work viewed by more people than you could with your website, blog, or even a LinkedIn article link.

5. Go Live

LinkedIn found that the number of comments on live videos was 24 times higher than recorded ones. Creating a presence for your brand on LinkedIn has several advantages. Live broadcasts can be used for various purposes, including interviews, webinars, virtual events, and the education of products.

In this scenario, you’ve decided to address your customers’ worries and answer their questions. If so, it might lead to a helpful conversation that helps your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

6. Create Groups

Once the invited members of your group have joined, you’ll have access to all those people at once. Since there are no potential threats in this group, you are in total command. You have great material to share with your audience, which they will appreciate and from which you may generate leads and sales.

7. Make your company matter

Keeping a corporate profile page that is both up-to-date and representative of your company is crucial. This page’s graphics, colors, and language should be consistent with those seen on the company’s website and other online profiles.

The page has to be updated frequently to convey the appearance that the brand is active and thriving.

8. Apply all the basics

Think of LinkedIn as another channel for marketing, and educate yourself on the latest techniques. Avoid interrupting others as much as possible and focus instead on becoming “found” on LinkedIn.

Learn the techniques of content marketing and inbound advertising, and implement them into this system. Be smart and avoid joining the ranks of the many LinkedIn users behaving like salespeople from the 1980s.

9. Make a Public Page

Display pages on LinkedIn allow you to highlight your business’s many offerings to prospective clients, providing you the option to provide detailed, niche content for a wide range of buyer personas. Moreover, you may create a one-of-a-kind journey for your target market.

Users interested in your specialized offerings on LinkedIn may then follow the relevant showcase pages. They may do this without even following your company profile.

10.Start interacting with connections

Realize that the purpose of LinkedIn is to facilitate communication and networking amongst business people.

An entrepreneur may and should network with potential customers, business allies, referral sources, and competitors. After the first contact has been made, the business owner can further decide which ties should be nurtured.


Advertise your business and make new contacts on LinkedIn to boost your marketing efforts. Fill out your profile with relevant information about your company to help customers identify with your brand. Join groups, write valuable posts, and interact with your LinkedIn contacts to get the most out of the platform.

All companies may find invaluable resources on LinkedIn. Experts recommend at least thrice weekly. If you can publish something every day, you’ll get five times as many views as those who don’t. I hope these tips help you hack LinkedIn marketing.