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Here's Why Your Business Should Have a Social Media Presence

If you are starting a business, and you are thinking of what marketing efforts you should invest in, we highly recommend you tap into social media. Around three billion people actively use social media platforms in a month. That is a significant number of varied audiences you should tap to make your business a success. Besides the reach, having a social media page for your business has many benefits.


1. Get more results with a lower budget

The price for promoting your business in traditional marketing methods like TV, radio, and newspaper are not small-business-friendly. If you are a beginner in the business world, social media is the most affordable platform for you to promote your business. You can create a free account and advertise your campaign for as little as $1 a day.

For starters, Facebook can show you how many people you can reach within your given budget. There is no minimum amount required. Because a lot of internet users have profiles on various social media, you also get to target more audiences with different demographics.

If you are looking for an agency to tap for your social media marketing, we are the right agency for you. For years Optamark Digital has been winning social media strategies for businesses. Call us and get your free consultation now!

2. Engage with your followers and customers

Social media is specially designed for networking with people. No better platform allows a brand to communicate and engage with their followers and customers easily. Because of the comment, tag, and chat options, your business can immediately answer queries, interact, or chit chat with your community members. These features enable you to build a more genuine relationship with your followers.

3. Your page can get more traffic

Increasing your page traffic is easy to achieve on social media. Sometimes you do not need to spend on boosted posts. You simply need to create entertaining or valuable content that people will share on their pages. You can let them do the advertisement for you. The more entertaining and informative your page becomes the more likes and follows you receive.


4. Having a social page increases your brand awareness

Billions of people stay on social media to be updated with news, their connections’ activities, and the latest about the brands they follow. Imagine how much you are missing if you have a business but do not have a social media account.

If you do not take advantage of the number of people in these platforms and the wide reach you will get from each, it can be a huge loss for your business. Without a presence in this platform, the people would not know that your brand exists. Creating content through these platforms also allows you to share your message and values in a way that people can relate.

5. You get a higher conversion rate

What makes social media stand out is its ability to segment its audience based on different categories. With its help, you can target specific audiences for your marketing campaigns. You can group them according to age, gender, interests, and more. The more targeted your audience is, the more chances you get the results you want. It also gives you a higher chance of conversions.


Social media marketing has a certain high number of benefits for your business. Your success in this platform does not depend on your budget. You only need the right strategy, the right content, and the right people to manage your pages, and you will get the best results you can have.

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