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What to Prioritize in 2020 - Content or SEO

Every project begins with a strategy. It is the secret tool you need to reach your vision for your business. Your business strategy helps you identify your current status and find the right direction you should take. When things get blurry, your strategy can help you get back on track. You can also assess which of your efforts work best for you and what necessary adjustments you would have to make.


There is one big debate when it comes to digital marketing strategy, though. When building a site, which should come first—the content strategy or the SEO strategy?

To help you understand why this debate exists, we will show you the benefits of prioritizing each.

Why You Should Start With a Content Strategy

 1. You can rank on search engines without an SEO strategy

If you know your audience and the type of content they want to read, it will be easier for you to target them by creating content you know they will search for. With enough knowledge about them, you would know the right keywords to use to stay on top of your game. Knowing your audience will give you an idea of what topic they are inclined to and what answers they need to discover. You can use this information to help improve your ranking organically.

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2. You can discover your effective keywords

SEO helps you identify the excellent keywords that will be helpful to your site. However, it does not close the fact that you can also discover the keywords that will resonate with your audience on your own.

As previously mentioned, as long as you know the topic and interest of your target audience, you probably also know their language. This gives you a high chance of finding the right keywords to attract them without the help of SEO.

3. Without content, your SEO strategy will not be effective

You need to optimize content to use SEO effectively. Without good content, people would not go and visit your website. Investing in SEO cannot do it alone. Part of content marketing is developing specific topics and niche. Without it, you cannot determine the right keywords you should use.

Why SEO Strategy Should Be Done First

1. The right keywords help create excellent topics for content

SEO helps you identify the keywords that are highly searchable and relevant for your site. If you do not use SEO, you would not know the right topic that your audience will find engaging. To put it simply, without SEO you cannot optimize your web content’s performance.

2. SEO ensures you have hardworking content

SEO provides a highly researched data. If this information will not be used as a guide in content strategy creation, your SEO result may not be as effective. All the information you get from SEO can help you find the right keywords to use for your website—from the choice of your content topic to your article title and site headers. All these items can help improve your site performance.

3. Good content is not enough

Content can stand on its own, but without the help of SEO, it cannot achieve great results. You need to have the right SEO strategy first to ensure that all your content would be effective in achieving your target SEO score.


Which should go first? It is still a conundrum that no one can answer. Both content strategy and SEO strategy benefit from each other. That is a fact. They can work together, but one should be done first. Given the strength of each, you can use your judgment and identify which strategy should be given priority. Which of the two would be more beneficial to your business?

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