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3 Ways to Audit Your Online Presence to Improve Your Business Site

Before you launch your website, you most likely ran plenty of tests to ensure that everything works fine. What is left now is that you do not know how your audience will take the website. Will they see it as an excellent addition to your business and be happy to use it? Is your website helping you portray your brand identity?


You would have the answers to these questions once the site has been running for a while. That is why you need to check once in a while how you are doing online-wise.

In other words, you need to have an online presence audit. Here are the ways you can use it to improve your website:

1. Ask yourself some questions

Before you begin, it is always important to ask yourself some questions to help you understand how you are doing in the online world. Questions can include the following:


  • Are my website and content mobile-responsive?
  • How well is my website performing against my competitors?
  • Is my website helping me create the brand identity I want?
  • Are all the new functions on my website working?
  • Are visitors happy with the site?
  • Are my digital marketing efforts always up to date?


Questions like these will also help you realize whether your current position is where you want to be exactly. So, if you find that visitors are not too happy with your site or that the brand identity your site is creating is different from the one you have in mind, you know where to focus your efforts to change your results.

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2. Check what the competitors are doing

An excellent way to understand how you are doing online is to check how your competitors are doing. Generally, you will be comparing just how well you are competing against them and looking at what the top-performing businesses in your industry are doing and how they got to where they are now.

How will that benefit you? It can give you new ideas on how you can achieve different things. At the same time, it will also help you understand what you can do to stay unique, capitalize on your business’s strengths, and address the weaknesses you might have that could be dragging you down.

3. Update your SEO strategy

Search engines continuously change their algorithms to improve the user’s experience when surfing the web to look for information. It also means that with the algorithms changing all the time, the SEO strategy you created a while back may not be as effective anymore.

For that reason, it is always vital that you analyze your visibility on search engines like Google. That way, you can understand how well your website is performing, usually by rank. If you see that you have dropped in rank, you can start implementing new strategies and improving old ones. That said, even if you are still number one, you will need to put continuous efforts. Otherwise, someone else will take over you.


There are a few other things you can analyze during your audits, such as how your social media profiles are doing or whether your branding has changed over time. Such analysis will help you figure out if your website is achieving your goals. It will also allow you to put in time and money into areas that need enhancements. Doing an online presence audit ensures that your site is always on track and that your audience perceives your business precisely the way you want them to.

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