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3 Tips for Designing High-Converting Display Ads

In this digitally-oriented world wherein start-ups and leading brands alike compete for user attention, finding ways to stand out from the crowd is crucial to direct the influx of traffic to your website. A combination of various marketing strategies is at play, one of which includes the trickiest one to ace: display ads.


It’s easy to think that compelling copy and engaging visuals are all it takes to design display ads that click, but grabbing modern consumer’s attention is harder than it seems. In an age where 11 percent of internet users block display ads, while the rest of the number is blind to them, marketers need to work ten-fold to create a high-converting ad.

With that being said, our tried-and-true tips below should help you run high-performing display campaigns that are sure to beat banner blindness.

Tip #1: Focus on Distinguishable Structure

Display ads should pop out of the page, which is why the ad placement and structure are crucial since both ensure the display ad has clearly defined borders that separate it from other web content.

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Paying attention to the sizing has a significant impact on user experience, wherein the best display ads are the ones flexible enough to be viewed on different screens without losing its impact.

Whether you’re going for sizes like 300×250 (medium rectangle), 336×280 (large rectangle), or 728×90 (leaderboard), all display ads should have all the core information that completes it. This includes your logo, value proposition, eye-catching yet relevant visuals, and a strong call-to-action.

Tip #2: Make It Pop by Choosing the Right Colors

Color plays a pivotal role in display ads and can make the difference between a banner that clicks or ignores. Your chosen color can evoke emotion and even prompt the desired action, but it’s best to stick to colors that are associated with your branding to instill aesthetic consistency.

It helps to dig deeper into the psychology behind color as audiences respond differently to certain colors. With that in mind, you can choose a color palette that is sure to jump out of the page by playing around with hues relevant to your branding and choosing the best one that appeals to your target market.

Tip #3: Stay Relevant

While high-quality assets and compelling visuals are key, the one that will hit home-run for your marketing objective is the message of your display ads. In that regard, the only way to turn user attention into an interest in your products or services is to provide relevant information on your copy.

This should include the best part of your sales – from unique selling points and how it can benefit their lives.

The Bottom Line: The Key to Designing High-Converting Ads that Encourage Clicks

Display ads can be powerful so long as it follows strong design principles. By combining relevant copywriting and eye-grabbing graphics or imagery, display ads can beat banner blindness and encourage clicks to boost your conversion rate.

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