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The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Advertising & Marketing In 2022!

After Facebook, Instagram is the second most widely used social media network. With over 500 million daily Instagram Stories, the popular visual-first social media platform has over one billion active monthly users.

Instagram isn’t just a tool that is for private sharing of moments. It’s now a platform that is used by companies worldwide to showcase their goods, refine their photos and content, find new talent, and inspire their customers.

Approximately, 59% active users of the platform spend at least seven hours per week browsing content and interacting with brands, potential customers and friends. Instagram marketing is thriving as more active users join the platform. This guide will teach you everything you want about marketing and how to marketplace on Instagram.

What is Instagram marketing?

what is Instagram marketing - Instagram marketing agency - Optamark Digital

Instagram is a powerful marketing and advertising tool for companies, brands and products today. It helps in boosting brand’s awareness, reaching wider audience, bringing in more leads, and generating sales. The Instagram marketing strategies are many; however, the most popular among them are:

1. Organic content: This strategy includes carousel posts, reels, videos, stories and photos.
2. Paid content: This strategy is all about going commercial and it includes premium Instagram ads that are published as stories, shopping ads and more.
3. Influencer marketing: This strategy is all about advertising your products and services using Instagram influencers.
4. Shopping tools: This strategy includes live shopping services, catalogs, product tags, shopping ads, shop tabs, and Instagram checkout.

Best Instagram Marketing Strategies!

Best Instagram marketing strategies - Instagram marketing agency - Optamark Digital

Before using Instagram, you should create a strategy to help you stay focused. Now, here’s a quick way to increase your Instagram followers by following our Instagram marketing agency new strategy:

1. Determine Your Objectives

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To gain more followers, one should organize their goals the same way athletes organize their training schedules. Your goals will guide every action you take on Instagram, from choosing content formats to utilizing commercial mechanisms.

Companies use Instagram to achieve various objectives, including increased brand awareness, reputation management, community engagement, sales acceleration, and customer and market analytics. Your goals should be in line with the needs of your company. If your financial results are positive, you may not need to use Instagram to boost sales. Instead, focus on acquiring clients or market knowledge.

2. Understand Your Target Market

Determining your niche is essential; if you skip this step, your efforts to achieve your goals will be futile. Creating a buyer persona is a good idea in this situation. Learn about your typical consumer’s age, gender, occupation, area, and income level. The more you understand your clients, the better your outcomes will be.

Creating a fictitious persona is a major blunder to avoid here. Instead of relying on intuition, employ a data-driven strategy. You can learn more about your prospective customers using Instagram hashtags related to your business.

3. Examine the Competitors

Now that you’ve identified your target audience and what they want, it’s time to look at your competition now. This is the process of researching each brand’s use of Instagram, analyzing their content and strategic plan, and determining their target market.

You’ll better understand which content formats will work best for your business if you conduct this research on Instagram, and you’ll be able to create a more strategic plan as a result.

4. Examine the popularity of your competitors’ branded hashtags.

Pay attention not only to winning strategies but also to what your competitors may be missing. This will help you develop innovative and effective brand promotion strategies.

5. Create Your Content

Visual content is essential on Instagram where users are picky about both visual and word components. As a result, the platform offers various content forms and opportunities for audience engagement. Begin by identifying the central concept and message you want to convey. You can emphasize your products and your company’s culture or entertain your visitors.

The following step is determining which content formats will best help you achieve your goals. You can use static images, short movies, galleries, and longer video formats with IGTV. Additionally, Reels are available. They do, however, have a time limit of 60 seconds. You can also use generic posts guess it depends on your content type.

6. Make Contact with Influencers

Instagram is the best platform for running influencer marketing campaigns, according to 79% of Instagram marketers. When you reach out to influencers, you acquire admittance to a large and engaged group of customers. Influencers can draw attention to your company and item in ways amplified by their high number of followers.

They can also promote your content on their streams, helping your campaign reach a wider audience. Trying to reach out to someone already successful at influencer marketing is the best way to get started.

Here’s how to find the right influencers…

Select influencer with a wide demographic to yours. If no one is interested in what you offer, your marketing efforts will be ineffective. Make no false claims to your viewer. Make sure the bloggers you collaborate with have active followers.

Determine an influencer’s audience’s opinion of them. Some well-known bloggers elicit more vitriol than affection. Using them to advertise your business will not lead to new subscribers or sales, so carefully read the comments.

Remember to include stories and highlights. Instagram is more than just sharing beautiful and unique photos. Your followers want to hear about your adventures, the highlights of the week, and the things you enjoy to understand better who you are.

You can keep yourself up to the public and tell a more powerful brand story by posting more IGTV videos and stories.

Stories are an excellent way to connect emotionally with your customers. Stories are great for raw, lifelike content like backstage views and behind-the-scenes footage, whereas you’re feed should be flawless. They’re also a great way to provide in-depth customer reviews with links to places to buy them. The cherry on top is that you can keep your stories indefinitely.

7. Make a Plan to Convert Your Followers Into Customers.

Although an increase in vanity metrics like likes and comments is advantageous, it has no direct effect on your sales. As a result, focus on transforming your followers into customers.

You can promote your innovative brands, run teasers, and offer deals and discounts through promotional materials. Remember also to include calls to action in your promotional posts. Remember that Instagram is more than just photos and posts. You can also use it for marketing by including hashtags, promoting discounts, and holding competitions.

After you’ve mapped out your Instagram marketing strategy, implement it and track its efficiency regularly. Monitoring your results allows users to make changes associated with and introduce new initiatives to enhance your KPIs.


The primary advantage of Instagram over other social media sites is its visual nature. Instagram is the best platform to showcase content if your business benefits from the layout of your product or if your service has a visibly noticeable result.

Although video, imagery, and illustration are all excellent content options for this social media platform, your marketing strategy will finally determine which type of content to publish and how frequently to post it. Establishing a strategy before diving into a new social media platform will keep you on track with your goals and, most importantly, your audience.