Improving Your SERP Ranking – 3 SEO Mistakes To Avoid

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Your business needs to be well-versed in understanding different digital marketing strategies to survive in today’s competitive market. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at the core of various digital marketing campaigns, whether it’s in the form of social media platforms or search engine marketing techniques. Your use of SEO will define how well your brand is recognized and reached by your potential customers.

Increasing your page’s online visibility

A page’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) Ranking is its rank in relation to how close it is to the front page. In competing for the attention of online consumers, your SERP ranking will play a significant role in how much online traffic your page will receive. This is where SEO strategies come in.

Search engine bots rate and assesses a website based on how well it adheres to different SEO categories such as proper keyword density and effective backlink placement. Marketers employ content management techniques to make sure that their clients’ web pages follow these guidelines. This is why making mistakes on your marketing plan can damage your pages’ SERP ranking and online presence.

In this article, we will share three SEO mistakes that you should avoid in increasing your SERP ranking.

1. Using the wrong keywords

All the different types of SEO strategies are based on having the right keywords for your website in developing your SERP rank. In defining your company’s products and services, you need to make sure that you choose the keywords that your customers would. A common mistake beginner marketers often make is neglecting the preference of different search engines when it comes to long-tail keywords.

You need to understand the particular arrangement of your keywords to avoid reaching the wrong audience. The best way to make sure that you’re using the right keywords is by doing your due diligence before optimizing your content. Make use of tools such as Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner and SEMrush to see the latest trends that your customer demographic is using.

2. Uploading duplicate content

In the SERP ranking system, duplicate content can implicate your website as promoting spam which can result in a drop in rankings. If you have content on your page that’s present on more than one web page within the same domain, search engines’ web crawlers will label it as a duplicate content.

Most of the time, search engine web crawlers are effective at identifying the original page they should index. However, they can also get it wrong. This can be a problem for you if you have duplicate URLs online that can confuse the system. To prevent search bots from avoiding your content, make sure that you follow proper SEO etiquette in content creation, and avoid stealing content from other websites.

3. Making use of black hat SEO strategies

Legal—or white hat—SEO strategies are the techniques that are permitted by search engines for websites to use in organically raising their SERP ranking. However, there are also black hat techniques that promise faster results through riskier means.

Practices such as performing keyword stuffing, posting spam content, purchasing links, and using hidden text on your sites are some examples of black hat SEO strategies. These are tactics that trick search engine results by violating guidelines. Although these techniques are often accompanied with a promise that you’ll get faster results, you may end up risking your website’s ranking permanently by being flagged or even permanently banned when caught.


You should remember that developing your SERP ranking requires patience and perseverance. The key to increasing your site’s traffic and conversion rates is by sticking to the rules while staying ahead of your competitors in the latest trends in the digital marketing scene.

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