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How To Rank Your Local Business? A Say From Local SEO Experts!

The smaller business operates on a regional basis instead of the conventional SEO that focuses on ranking across the country. Local SEO puts a priority on appearing on SERPs in a specific location. Local businesses include local stores, accountants, dentists, lawyers, and more. You can hire the services of local SEO experts for marketing your products and services to local leads and customers.

The local SEO experts provide you the right strategies by adopting which you can neutralize the advantages of bigger brands. They will show you the link-building side of rankings such as local reviews, local NAP, and My Business Signals.

Local Link Building and Citations

To make your local SEO more effective, you need to rely upon links from other local websites related to your business. Local directories help build citations that imply an online reference to your business’s Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP). Their reference needs to be consistent. You can use a tool such as Bright Local to track the citations of your competitors and your link to that website

Ways to get Local Citations

  1. Uploading your local citations by using a service called WhiteSpark
  2. Manual submission of your citations after going through the extensive list of citations on the Moz
  3. Running of competitive link research for finding out the citations acquired by your competitors. You can use tools such as Majestic, Ahrefs, or Open Site Explorer for this purpose.
  4. Tracking new mentions of NAP listings of your competitors by setting up alerts through Google Alerts or Mention.

Strategies for Building Local Link

  • By searching the website Meetup.com, identify a list of local events that you find relevant to your industry. Request for sponsorship to those having websites and, if accepted, get a link from their website.
  • Press coverage is an important way of building local links by relying upon different data sources.
  • Put strong interviews and columns within the online publications that are relevant to your business
  • Getting quoted in local publications by signing up to Press Request Services.
  • Running an MMA  on Reddit within the relevant subreddit
  • Running your local meet-up or event for bringing through links from the local event page.
  • Participating in local awards or starting one of your own.
  • Requesting local organizations to mention a link to your website, and in return, you may allow them a reasonable discount on transactions with you.
  • Get enough time to spend on offline and online local PR outreach 
  • Always keep a consistent track of your competitors by running competitive link research. Never hesitate to capitalize on any new opportunities gained by your competitors.
  • For getting links from the career pages of students, you can  offer a scholarship to deserving candidates

CTR through SERP

SERP is the abbreviated form of the Search Engine Results Page, and CTR implies Click through Rate, a strong ranking signal. It is used as Google’s core Quality Score that measures within the Adwords platform of Google. It measures the User Experience (UX) that the visitors get with this metric. As per the local SEO experts, with consistently higher CTR, your local SEO business ranking will have stabilized high rankings. Take care to see that bounces from searches are reduced because it is a negative signal to Google.

Below are a few brief points in ranking your Local business:

  1. Create a Google Account

    create google account - local SEO experts - Optamark Digital

    Once you provide all the data required by Google, they will be added to your business profile and displayed in Google search results, Google Maps, and Google Search knowledge Panel. The data may include hours of operation, images of your products, or payment terms. Provide up-to-date information and request your customers to review your business online

  2. Get Regular Reviews from Contended Customers

    get regular reviews from customers - local SEO experts - Optamark Digital

    Respond to their reviews sincerely. Make them feel fully involved in the review. You may publish posts and make special offers to your customers.

    • Ask for a personal review after the close of the sale
    • Ensure sending post-purchase e-mail
    • Respond to reviews in professional ways

  3. Optimize for Voice Search

    Optimize for voice search - local SEO experts - Optamark Digital

    Voice search is growing rapidly and will therefore find an advantageous position in local SEO. Your local customers will like to ask questions directly and hear the answer themselves. Customers use keywords with longer tails for voice search

  4. Creation of Contents based on Local Events or News stories

    creation of contents - local SEO experts - Optamark Digital


    • Writing blog posts based on local activities or events
    • Making videos of local charities or causes supported by your business
    • Creation of web pages specific to locations with high-quality local contents

  5. Optimization of Websites for Mobile Devices

    Optimization of websites for mobile devices - local SEO experts - Optamark Digital

    • Ensure that your website loads within three seconds
    • To increase the ease of readability, use bigger fonts
    • Ensure  User Experience (UX) and intuitive UI
    • Convey only the information by using copy and images sparingly

  6. Honing in on Local Keywords

    Honing in on Local keywords - local SEO experts - Optamark Digital

    • Your keywords must have due relevance to your customers
    • You can get the popular search terms Google’s Keyword Planner by filtering keywords searches that are based on a particular region
    • After creating a list of locally relevant keywords, make them appear in the meta content, copy, and URLs

  7. About Us Page

    About us page - local SEO experts - Optamark Digital

    It would help if you had location pages in more than one location in the same area. These pages should include:

    • The working hour of the store
    • NAP (Name, Address, Phone number)
    • Testimonials in support of activities
    • Promotional activities
    • Google Maps

  8. Online Business Directories

    online business directories - local SEO experts - Optamark Digital

    • Get your business displayed on websites such as MapQuest, Foursquare, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. 
    • Besides details of your business, there should be a backlink to your website

  9. Link Signals

    link signals - local SEO experts - Optamark Digital

    • Obtain Backlinks of high quality.
    • Link signals are backlinks that point to your site.
    • Post guest blogs on locally recognized sites having high domain authority
    • Get connected with  local influencers via  reputable social media

  10. Creation of Dedicated Webpage

    creation of dedicated webpages - local SEO experts - Optamark Digital

    • Dedicate one page to one unique product or service
    • Mingling up one with the another lowers the possibilities of your ranking

    Google may introduce new features on its SERPS at any time. It is therefore needed that you keep yourself on top of local SEO.