How to Increase Shopify Mobile Speed

How to Increase Shopify Mobile Speed
How to Increase Shopify Mobile Speed

How to Increase Shopify Mobile Speed

With more than half of online shopping happening on mobile devices, it’s clear that how fast your Shopify store loads on phones is really important for its success.

While expert Shopify Plus developers can tackle any slow-loading issues, there are also some easy fixes you can try on your own.

Shopify Mobile Speed Importance

Shopify Mobile Speed Importance

Why exactly does the speed of your Shopify store on mobile devices matter so much? Well, for starters, it’s key for good search engine optimization (SEO). This means it helps your store show up higher in search results. But that’s not all. A speedy site makes for happy customers too. If your site takes too long to load, people are more likely to leave, or “bounce,” without buying anything.

When your Shopify store isn’t fast on mobile devices, it can hurt your business. Slow speeds mean you could lose out on making sales, and customers might remember the wait time negatively, which might stop them from coming back. By improving your Shopify mobile speed, you’re not just boosting your position in search results but also enhancing your customers’ shopping experience, making them more likely to buy and come back in the future.

How to Improve Shopify Mobile Speeds

How to Improve Shopify Mobile Speeds

Shopify developers know all too well that mobile page loading speed is a game-changer, not only for ranking well on search engines but also for ensuring customers enjoy their shopping experience. Let’s go over some tried-and-true methods to boost your mobile site’s speed:

Optimize Your Images: Big, beautiful images might look great, but they can slow your site down. To keep things speedy, compress your images before uploading them to your Shopify store. This reduces their file size without making them look grainy or unprofessional. If you’ve already uploaded large images, no problem! Tools like Image Optimizer on the Shopify app store can help you resize and compress them easily.

Rethink Your Use of Sliders: Sliders with multiple high-quality images can cause longer load times. Surprisingly, users often ignore sliders, scrolling past them without engaging. Instead, switch to using a hero image. This is a single, striking image with clear, compelling text and a call-to-action button. It grabs attention and directs customers exactly where you want them to go. Although some sites use rotating hero images, it’s best to stick with one. Constantly changing images can distract and confuse users, leading to a less enjoyable shopping experience.

Minimize the Use of Heavy Scripts and Plugins: Each script or plugin you add to your Shopify store can increase loading time. Review your current plugins and scripts and keep only those that are essential. Sometimes, less is more, especially when it comes to maintaining a fast, responsive site.

Enable Browser Caching: When you enable browser caching, you allow visitors’ browsers to store copies of your site’s pages. This means that the next time they visit, the pages load much faster because the browser doesn’t have to download everything again.

Choose the Right Theme: Not all Shopify themes are created equal, especially when it comes to speed. Opt for a theme known for its fast performance. A lightweight, well-coded theme can make a world of difference in your site’s speed.

Implementing these strategies can dramatically improve your Shopify store’s loading times on mobile devices, leading to better search engine rankings and a smoother, more satisfying customer experience.

Switch to persisted cookies

Switch to persisted cookies

Shopify developers can make your mobile site fast with a cool trick: using persisted cookies. Think of these cookies as your site’s memory. They remember what your visitors like and how they set up their preferences. So, when the same person visits again, your site loads super fast because it remembers them and doesn’t need to start from the beginning.

This means your customers can start shopping or looking around right away with hardly any waiting. A quick site makes for a better shopping experience and keeps customers coming back. It might even lead to more sales!

And there’s more! Shopify developers can do other things to speed up your site, like making pictures smaller and quicker to load, simplifying the site’s code, and using themes that are known for being fast. All these steps together mean your Shopify store will be a fast, friendly place for your customers to shop.

Limit the number of apps installed on your store

Shopify apps are great for adding extra features to your store but having too many can make your site sluggish. Think about it like this: if your store is a car, each app is like an extra piece of luggage. A few can be helpful, but too many will weigh you down. Even if you’re not actively using some of the apps, their code still gets processed, which can slow things down.

If you notice you have more than 20 apps, it’s time for a clean-up. Go through them and ask yourself which ones you need. Every app you remove is like taking a piece of luggage out of the car, making it lighter and faster. By getting rid of the apps you don’t use, you can speed up your site’s load times, making for a quicker, more pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

Remember, a faster site can lead to happier customers and more sales. So, keeping your app count lean and meaningful is not just good for speed; it’s good for business!

Clean your code

Just like a cluttered room can slow you down, messy or complicated code in your website can make it run slowly. Cleaning up this code is important because it can speed up your site, much like how cleaning up a room makes moving around easier.

If diving into the world of coding sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry! You can bring in the experts — Shopify Plus developers. They’re like the professional organizers for your website’s code. They know all the ins and outs of Shopify and can tidy up any messy code, ensuring your site runs at top speed.

Having a quick, responsive website is great for your customers. It means they can find what they need without waiting around, making their shopping experience much more enjoyable. Happy customers are more likely to return and recommend your store to others. So, investing a little in cleaning up your site’s code, either by learning yourself or hiring professionals, can make a big difference. It’s all about making your online store the best it can be for everyone who visits!

Conduct regular testing and optimisation

Curious about your mobile website’s speed? You’re in luck because there are some really helpful tools out there to give you the scoop. Let’s start with Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It’s like a quick health check for your website. It scores your site’s speed and pinpoints any issues that might be dragging it down. The best part? It gives you clear tips on how to make things faster.

Then there’s Test My Site, also by Google. This tool takes a quick look at your website and hands you a free report detailing its performance. What’s cool is that it estimates how many visitors might be bouncing off your site because it’s too slow. This insight is golden because every visitor counts!

For those who want even more detail, there’s GTMetrix. It’s a favorite among Shopify developers because it combines the best of Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Yahoo!’s Yslow. It rates your site from A to F and delivers a comprehensive report, complete with recommendations for boosting your site’s speed.

But why is all this important? Well, a fast website keeps customers happy. They can browse and buy without waiting around, which means they’re more likely to come back. Plus, search engines favor fast sites, so improving your speed can help more people find you.

To ensure your site is zipping along, try using these free tools for a start. And consider teaming up with professional Shopify Plus developers. They’re the pros at tweaking and tuning websites to make them run at their best. By being proactive and making these improvements, you’re not just hoping your site is fast — you’re ensuring it’s a speedy, welcoming place for all your visitors!


And that’s a wrap on our tips for making your Shopify mobile site faster! Here at Optamark Digital, we know how important it is for your online store to be quick and easy for your customers to use. A fast site makes everyone happy and can even help more people find your store online.

Don’t forget to regularly check how fast your site is with tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insights or GTMetrix. Keep your site simple by removing any apps you don’t need and cleaning up your website’s code. And remember, if you need a bit of extra help, our friendly Shopify Plus developers are always here to lend a hand.

We’re excited to see your Shopify store speed up and succeed. Thanks for joining us on this journey to a faster website. Happy selling from Optamark Digital!


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