How To Improve Your Local SEO Strategy: Best Practices For 2024

How To Improve Your Local SEO Strategy: Best Practices For 2024
How To Improve Your Local SEO Strategy: Best Practices For 2024

How To Improve Your Local SEO Strategy: Best Practices For 2024

Currently, nearly half of all Google searches, at 46%, are performed by users seeking information, with the prevalence of “near me” queries soaring by 900% in the past ten years.

Considering that 92% of searchers usually choose businesses listed on the first page of Google’s results, having a strong local search marketing plan is crucial for increasing your sales and growing your business.

What is a local SEO strategy and why is it important? While general SEO aims to reach a wide, often national or global audience, local SEO concentrates on improving your business’s visibility in search results for a specific area, helping you to appear higher in search rankings for that particular region.

Understanding Local SEO: Attracting Your Local Community Online

Before we go into detail, let’s understand the basics. Local SEO is a strategy that helps your business become more noticeable in local search results. It focuses on drawing attention from people searching for products or services in your area, whether that’s your neighborhood, city, or region. Consider Local SEO as the modern equivalent of word-of-mouth, essential for making your business well-known locally.


No matter if you run a boutique, a café, or a chiropractic practice, employing a local SEO strategy is key to attracting more customers. This should lead to a boost in sales and personal recommendations from those customers.

Your website must include specific local details to guide both search engines and potential customers to your actual storefront. You should optimize your website as you would for broader SEO tactics, but with extra focus on your business’s address, operating hours, and city and state details.

How to Improve Your Local SEO Strategy in 2024

To achieve good local rankings, it’s crucial to consistently use your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) wherever relevant. With 92 percent of searchers choosing businesses from the first page of search results, a well-defined strategy is necessary to connect with your customers.

People often use local directories to discover local businesses, so ensure your business is listed in all the key directories related to your sector. Additionally, your NAP details must be uniform across all these directories.

Get ready; we’re about to explore the key practices of Local SEO that will prepare you for success.

1. Accuracy in Business Details:

Accuracy in Business Details

That’s Name, Address, and Phone Number, for the uninitiated. Make sure these details are consistent everywhere they appear online – from your website to your social media profiles, and especially on local directories. Consistency is key; even small discrepancies can confuse search engines and potential customers alike.

2. Mobile Optimization for Local Searches:

Mobile Optimization for Local Searches

As more people use their phones to find local businesses, your website needs to be ready to greet them. This includes being user-friendly on smaller screens and containing location-specific keywords that answer the “near me” queries.

3. Gather Authentic Reviews:

Gather Authentic Reviews

Encourage customers to share their positive experiences on your Google My Business profile. Authentic reviews not only build trust with potential customers but also signal to search engines that you’re a reliable and valued local business.

4. Create Relatable Local Content:

Create Relatable Local Content

Develop content that connects with your local area’s culture and happenings. A post about a community event or local history can engage your immediate audience and show search engines that you’re active in your locale.

5. Active Social Media Engagement:

Use social media to share local stories and events, and interact with your community. This doesn’t directly influence SEO rankings but helps to drive local traffic to your website.

6. Research and Utilize Local Keywords:

Integrate terms people use to search for local services into your website’s titles, headings, and content. It’s like using the local dialect to strike up a conversation with your community.

7. Implement Schema Markup:

By adjusting specific parts of your website’s code, you help search engines more easily identify and showcase your content prominently in search results. This technical effort can greatly improve how visible your website is to potential visitors.

8. Link-Building For Local Seo:

When you’re running a business that’s 100% online, link-building is par for the course—you might do some guest blogging, and outreach, and spend some time looking for opportunities to steal links from low-quality pages.

However, link-building for local SEO also comes with unique challenges. Using the appropriate on-site and off-site methods, you’ll strengthen the quality and authority of your link profile, which is used as a local ranking factor.

9. On-page and off-page SEO:

On-page SEO refers to the strategy of improving unique web pages for maximum performance. This strategy is helpful when you want your website content to rank high in Google Search results. Off-page SEO refers to non-traditional methods that are not directly linked to SEO for individual web pages. Off-page SEO can strengthen the credibility of your business, extend your reach (well beyond local), and help you achieve even more success.

10. Keep an Eye on Performance:

Since the internet is constantly evolving, it’s important to regularly evaluate the performance of your strategy with analytics tools. Update and enhance your approach as necessary to stay current with new developments.

Ready to Dominate the Local Scene? Let Optamark Digital Be Your Guide

Starting with Local SEO may appear challenging, but there’s no need to tackle it by yourself. Whether it’s improving the accuracy of your business’s vital information, making your website more accessible on mobile devices, earning positive customer feedback, or developing locally engaging content, Optamark Digital can help increase your local market presence.


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