How Product Packaging Impacts Your Sales

Product Packaging

How Product Packaging Impacts Your Sales

If you’ve ever been told not to judge a book by its cover, chances are you’ve done so anyway. The same principle applies to product packaging, which reflects your brand and what it stands for. Most consumers won’t have the time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of your product in-store—the decision-making shortcut lies in product packaging.

Thoughtfully-designed packaging will make your brand recognizable. Printed copy, images, and buzzwords will let consumers know what your product is all about. If you’re giving your product box a much-needed makeover, here are the best methods.

The Effects of Product Packaging

Excellent packaging can dictate your startup’s success projectile. As your company grows, its packaging directly impacts its sales and overall appeal. Think Miller Coors—in 2014, its revamped packaging bumped sales by nearly 5%. They didn’t lift a finger on the actual brew.

Similarly, poor packaging decisions can create an adverse effect. The Australian government recently imposed a “plain packaging” law on cigarette brands to discourage smoking. Without the ability to incorporate a brand logo or identifiable typeface, companies such as Marlboro experienced the most significant sales decline in Australia in over 20 years.

Tips for Designing Impactful Product Packaging

To get level with the likes of Apple or Tiffany and Co, take the time to experiment with your packaging.

  1. Know Your Demographic
    Knowing who you’re selling to can direct your brand-building decisions. If your target audience is members of the Gen Z population, consider a bright and colorful aesthetic. If you’re selling to corporate professionals, it may be more appropriate to create something sleek and modern. Take the time to indulge in some trend-listening on social media to understand better what truly sells.
  2. Enhance Cheap Packaging
    Affordable packaging doesn’t have to look inexpensive. Stylish typography and a muted color palette can go a long way. Explore Pinterest for chic pegs you can take after.
  3. Make the Package Part of the Experience
    Everyone loves an unboxing video. A cook-it-yourself delivery service might, for instance, convey an exciting, hands-on experience with packaging that reflects the delicious meal inside. Set consumers up with what to expect with your packaging. Use polished, aerodynamic elements to showcase gadgets or earthy tones to highlight gardening tools.
  4. Go Eco-Friendly
    Nowadays, customers are more willing to shell out for eco-friendly products to reduce their carbon footprint. As climate change wages war against urban environments, consumers are actively seeking brands making a positive social and environmental impact.
    Play around with recyclable packaging that customers can repurpose into mats, surfaces, or even buildable novelty items. Puma’s eco-friendly packaging, for example, doubles as a walking brand billboard.


Your product’s packaging isn’t always the end-all-be-all of a customer’s buying decision. However, leveraging it to reflect your brand’s purpose and values can go a long way with future sales. Create a lasting impression that pops off the shelf—your profits will thank you afterward.

Is your packaging missing its mark? Contact us at Optamark Digital for graphic design services that give your dull packaging a much-needed boost. In a marketplace of pebbles, it pays to be a diamond—literally!

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