Hop In To LinkedIn—How B2B Advertising Changed in The Platform


LinkedIn is a premium social media platform when it comes to professionals and business people. While its earlier stages were weak when it came to features and advertising reach, it has since seen significant growth and usage in the more recent years. With a healthy mix of the people who have been in their trade longer and the addition of younger professionals, it makes for a diverse culture within the platform.

Knowing this, it is probably time for you to give LinkedIn advertising another shot at extending your reach and promoting your business. Even though Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and other social networks have better ad reach, LinkedIn should not be discounted. It is now becoming the prime medium for B2B marketing—which is why you should give it another chance for your marketing strategies.

Looking at LinkedIn from a B2B Perspective

Sure, Facebook Ads have great reach, but its advertising field is mostly for B2C businesses. As such, reaching out to people on their private accounts for work seems a bit strange and can cause discomfort, as Facebook is a leisure platform. On the other hand, LinkedIn users know that they are on the platform to make work connections and find better jobs—which is what makes it shine!

The statistics of LinkedIn include 500 million professionals on the app. Over 60 million are of senior-level positions, and around 40 million are in decision-making positions. With the number of people working in large-scale firms and the largest industries on earth, there is no doubt that B2B marketing is going to be strong in it.

LinkedIn may have had a weak start and lost out a lot to Facebook in terms of social media, but its potential for making professional connections and cold outreaches are second-to-none. Facebook is used to connect people to friends and family, but in reality, it doesn’t do so well for business applications asides from B2C applications.

Why You Should Be Advertising on LinkedIn

The professional social networking site has plenty to offer for B2B advertisers. Targeting options are easier to modify due to people being on the platform for work purposes. It was also developed to be straightforward and intuitive for the best results and experience.

On Facebook, millions of people have barren profiles. There is a chance that the person you saw commenting on a particular post may have the credentials you are looking for—but it may not be stated so on their profile. On LinkedIn, however, almost everyone has taken the time to update their profile and put their best foot forward. When work and making a living is concerned, you don’t want to leave anything out, after all!

Profiles on LinkedIn can show one’s age, gender, location, education, employer(s), job title, industry, previous work experiences, and similar connections. In fact, a professional’s LinkedIn profile practically acts as their online resume! The more comprehensive a person’s profile is, the better the chances they have to get a job and make better connections.

For example, when on LinkedIn, you can see people who actually attended Ivy League schools—if that is what your company is looking for. With these specific demographics and details all laid out, a B2B advertisement can be specified to be shown to these people rather than an entire range that may just waste your time and money!

The Bottom Line

Many people have skipped on LinkedIn advertising due to the fact that it seemed very weak and badly optimized. Today, the number of people on LinkedIn working on their profiles and looking for good opportunities are far too many! Its new developments and branding will change the way you look at LinkedIn ads forever—so get started with it today!

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