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The 5 Elements of Great Content That Works

What many marketers skip when talking about content marketing is the great difficulty of having your content noticed. With the world practically drowning in an ocean of blog posts, emails, and videos, and over 2 billion websites on the internet all vying for attention, getting noticed by your customers will definitely not be a walk in the park.


With audiences tuning out all the noise just to get by their day, how do you, as a small business owner, get your potential customers to notice you?

1. Relevance

The first thing you need to understand is how you can address your customer’s needs. By presenting possible solutions to your audience’s problems, you are already in a better position to be noticed. People search for answers to their questions everyday, tuning out the noise that they don’t need. By understanding the nature of the void that you are trying to fill, you will be much more able to address them. The better your solution is, the more people will come to you.

It’s also best to ensure that your content is specific enough to actually address issues but broad enough to be relatable. By doing this, you can ensure that your content is relevant and relatable to as many people as possible.

2. Readability

Great content is easy to consume, not because it is meaningless, or derivative, but because it helps make their lives easier. Each time your reader has to open a new tab or open their phone to look up certain words and unnecessary jargon, you are losing them to other websites that are doing a much better job.

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Aside from word choices, readability is also affected by spelling, grammar, and sentence structures. Typographical errors can undermine the value of your content just because they can confuse or distract your reader. Worse, it can even negatively affect your brand’s reputation.

3. Searchability 

Sometimes even great content needs a little help. If your blog post is not at least on the first page of Google’s search results, then chances are, nobody is reading it. To make sure that your prospective customers are able to reach you, make sure to incorporate some search engine optimization techniques. The good thing is, by making sure that your content is relevant and readable, you are also ensuring searchability. Just make sure that your website is also hosted on a fast server, is mobile-friendly, and has an optimized page load time for best results.

4. Shareability

While this can seem insignificant, you need to help your content by eliminating things that could make it harder to go around. This could be as simple as including social media buttons on your website to encourage people to share your content, or as complex as engaging thought leaders and influencers. In a world that’s drowning in content, there’s no such thing as a product or in this case, an article that sells itself.

5. Translatability

While it can seem like it, the English speaking world is not the biggest market. In the population alone, there are more native speakers of Mandarin Chinese and Spanish than there are of English. If your ambitions for your brand include world dominance, you need to start thinking of ensuring that your content’s translation to these languages is as smooth as possible.


It’s important to understand that it’s no longer enough to just create good content. In fact, that’s actually the bare minimum. To get noticed, your already good content needs to reach your customers first.

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