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How to Have a Successful Product Launch on Social Media - Our Guide

Marketing a product today is not quite like how you would do it many years ago. Sure, the end-goal is still the same, but the path to reach that goal is now different.


In the past, companies would have to rely on channels like TV to reach out to a broad audience. Today, businesses can upload their marketing materials right onto social media platforms, reaching thousands and even hundreds of thousands immediately.

While this might make marketing seem a lot easier to accomplish for you, it does make it more complicated at the same time. With so many businesses competing on the digital platform for customers, you have quite a daunting task ahead to try to share ads and launch brand-new products that stand out from the rest.

With that said, here are two tips to help you do exactly that:

1. Market with Giveaways

While there are a few ways to approach this marketing tactic, it’s important for you to find the best platforms to host your giveaway programs.

One of the most popular platforms for any business out there to conduct giveaways (and participate in a myriad of other marketing activities) would be with Instagram. This is for several reasons. First, Instagram is easy to set up and use. Second, the interactive nature of the platform provides the engagement that many businesses look for.

Another platform that is used often for marketing efforts, including giveaways, would be Facebook. Generally, many businesses would use this social media site to target millennials, as they are the ones with more income even though they might show signs of less engagement compared to Instagram.

Nevertheless, whichever platform you are going to use, comments are one of the most important aspects of a giveaway. That is because a comment acts as a view, and the more the comments, the more people viewed your post. For this reason, encourage people to tag friends and family and have them all join in on the giveaway.

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2. Offer Promotions

People always love discounts, promotions, and the like. It gives them the feeling that their money is going to get them more value than usual. In other words, it motivates them to spend their cash in return for more.

This is a strategy that you can use to boost your sales and the like. However, you can also implement the same mentioned above. For instance, you can give out discount codes for your products or even the products themselves as grand prizes.

How you go about this is totally up to you. Either way, you will get to engage with your audience much more, creating more leads and helping you create a list of prospects you can reach out to for the next promotion you hold.


Standing out from the crowd with your marketing efforts can be tough, but with proper use of social media platforms, it is all possible. If you have not already, go ahead and set up your social media accounts and get started right away. There is a massive audience waiting for you, and your job is to discover who they are and reach out to them.

However, if you are having trouble or need help, do consider reaching out to digital marketing agencies. They will be there to guide you in making the right decisions, and even offer services to take care of the social-media-marketing tasks for you.

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