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Facebook Advertising Agency .

Business owners are increasingly becoming aware of the need to invest in social media advertising as a tool for driving the necessary sales and boosting visibility for their businesses.

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How We Go About It

Traditional advertising doesn't yield the desired results anymore as potential customers and target audiences have finally migrated to the cyberspace, making the most use of social media (especially Facebook and Instagram) for varying kinds of activities.

As it is in business, business owners have moved to set up their businesses on social media platforms in order to keep up with their prospective customers and also not to be left out in a fast-paced technological setting.

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms today. The platform has over 2 billion active users, with each user spending increasingly high hours per week on the platform. Wise business owners have taken advantage of Facebook’s large user-following to market their goods and services and attract customers for their online businesses.
Facebook encourages this by enabling small-large-scale businesses to identify and reach their target audiences through sponsored Facebook advertisements. Facebook also has analytic tools to enable businesses accurately measure the effectiveness of their Facebook marketing campaigns.

Instagram Advertising

Just like Facebook, Instagram is another densely populated social media platform with mass following and relevant business analytic tools to boost business growth and visibility.

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Why you need an Advertising Agency

Facebook and Instagram are user-friendly platforms that allow almost every internet savvy user to access their available tools and features for affordable prices. Business owners can easily set up their online business and carry out Facebook ads on their own.

This, however, has its disadvantages. While Facebook and Instagram ads create a platform for businesses to advertise, they do not necessarily lay out the effective tools for achieving the desired results.

Just creating any Facebook and Instagram ads without proper and careful considerations as to the unique advertising tools, and the specific needs of the business would amount to an effort in futility.

To ensure that Facebook and Instagram advertisements achieve the necessary results, it's important to employ the services of a Facebook Advertising Agency or an Instagram Advertising Agency. These agencies are well-equipped with digital marketing tools, channels, and the expertise to strategically grow your business and use the necessary sales.

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Why Partnering with Optamark is the best decision for Social Media Advertising...

At Optamark Digital, we understand that business like individuals, are unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach to social media advertising. To achieve productivity in social media advertising, we ensure to make use of all Facebook advertising tools and experience in developing advertisement strategies to boost business growth for our customers.

To this end, we offer the following services:


Facebook Ad Discovery


Facebook Ad Management Services


Facebook Ad Optimization


Facebook Monitoring


Facebook Reporting

Why we stand out...

We are reputed to be one of the best Facebook Ad Agency in the US. This may be attributed to our ability to not only provide the necessary tools at our disposal to optimize your Facebook ads, but also to provide you with the necessary insight to grow and scale your business. We don't leave you in the dark, as we are always ready to provide you with metrics and reports on how well our Facebook ads produce the right results (you can trust that they always do!)

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Custom Curated Facebook Advertising Plans

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