Digital Marketing Through COVID-19 & Beyond—3 Things to Know

Digital Marketing

Today’s economy is still shrouded in mystery, which is thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns all over, coupled with the fear of the virus spreading, have expedited the world into the online sphere even faster than projected. However, many businesses are having difficulty nowadays due to their inability to manage their online presence.

From here on, the world is expected to continue digitizing past this “new normal” and on towards the post-COVID-19 times. Knowing this, business owners must adapt by taking advantage of digital marketing services and strategies to boost their online presence.

Here are three ways that you can jump in and start getting results for both today and the post-pandemic world:

1. Analytics are Key in Predicting the Trends of the Reopening Economy

This pandemic has created a larger need for necessities, over the usual hobby and leisure items people used to purchase a year ago. Even the early 2020 analytics and data could not predict the economy and purchasing trends of today.

In this pandemic, long-term data doesn’t really strike as reliable due to the uncertainties surrounding the whole world. The trick, however, is to utilize predictive analytics and real-time data to make short-term predictions on where the market will veer towards.

With different kinds of programs powered by AI learning, you can see sales forecasting based on the crisis levels, as well as the marketing and advertising effectiveness of businesses. Pay attention to social media as well, because a lot of platforms offer real-time insights on current events.

If you can nail short-term trends, it will be much easier to modify your digital marketing and sales strategies for the reopening of the economy.

2. Know That Your Marketing Strategy Needs to Be Modified over Time

Digital marketing trends have changed significantly over the past few months of the pandemic. Many businesses are seeing a rise in the need for digital marketing tools, like Search Engine Optimization and website development. COVID-19 is changing the way businesses work, and it is expected that this will be the standard even after the whole situation blows by.

As such, create a marketing roadmap that encompasses things that bring consumers together during the pandemic to see how they fit with a strategy modified for a post-pandemic world. Data points using Google Analytics will be helpful in seeing what you need to modify when it comes to your business website’s procedures. Additionally, using PPC advertising and search engine optimization will be a match made in heaven—if done correctly, of course.

Finding the right marketing strategy per month of use is going to ensure that you stay on top of the shifting trends during the pandemic. Once you take into account that the world shifts fast because of the virus, you can start thinking short-term and modify strategies on the fly.

3. AI is the Make or Break of Today’s and Tomorrow’s World

If you think that chatbots are buggy and non-essential—think again. Today’s modern AI can assist greatly with customer support and can also speed up the process of conducting business.

By routing frequently asked questions by customers to AI, you can save on the manpower needed to reply to each and every single similar query. Chatbots can save precious time that could be spent dealing with more pressing customer service concerns, like returns, refunds, or other issues.

Optimizing a chatbot properly is essential, too. You can’t just slap it on and expect it to run—there has to be a certain degree of programming to make them helpful. Otherwise, they’ll just become a hassle to deal with! Consider if your business needs them because, in reality, not all industries may require the need for a chatbot.


What will prepare a business for the future after COVID-19 is one’s ability to adapt to market trends and keep a careful eye out for it. By constantly monitoring the way the world runs and keeping up to date with economic news and trends, your business will be a success both amidst this pandemic and after it.

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