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About Us

Linkedin Lead Generation Agency.

Getting the success that LinkedIn offers happens when you utilize the right strategy. As a LinkedIn lead generation expert, Optamark Digital offers you the most precise strategy that would help you target the right set of prospects (niching). Through this strategy, we help you engage your prospects through messaging that does justice to your personality.

Leveraging LinkedIn Marketing

When it comes to B2B sales and marketing, LinkedIn is king. Almost all successful B2B companies use LinkedIn to push their content and to generate leads. 50 percent of traffic to B2B websites and blogs are generated on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is home to B2B marketing. If you are not leveraging LinkedIn yet, now is the time.

LinkedIn Social Selling

Building a relationship takes time and effort. You must engage your prospects through value-adding content, follow up, and relentless outreach. We can help you achieve your social selling targets by building your connections, writing and sending engaging copies that spark up conversations with content creation, editing, and posting.

The Power Of Our Campaigns

We have spent time, understanding how a campaign can best help you improve sales. With years of experience at hand, our successful outreach team knows exactly what is needed to help you attain the needed success on LinkedIn. We know what your profile needs, starting from optimization all the way to message.


How We Go About It

Nothing is the same as before. The world we live in today is moving at the speed of light and the way things are done is equally changing. The way marketing works has changed. It has moved from a lot of things to be a media thing. One medium that is now widely used for marketing all around the world is social media. Many of these platforms allow users to market themselves to the world. Using these platforms in a much more strategic manner can be a big plus for any business as it would be placing your brand in place for all to see.

How Our Marketing Strategy Works

Phase 1: Building the List
This phase of the strategy involves building your golden list of prospects. As we help you through this phase, you would:
  • Find the right person (s) faster through the help of our advanced search filters.
  • List out companies in the order of their priority using the evidence Yardstick (their size, their growth, revenue. Etc).
  • Unearth new and more reasonable prospects that line up with your sales preference.
Phase 2: Writing the Message

When it comes to writing the copy that gets responses, we would guide you to ensure you avoid all the pitfalls that are the efforts of many. For this to happen, your message must be:

Distinct: Avoid using industry clichés. They usually bore people. Instead, speak to your list in a language they understand, using terms they could relate with.

Short and Simple: Truth is nobody is interested in reading epistles, especially when it’s a private message. Your copy should be around 5-6 sentences. If not prospects would just nod while attempting to skim through phrases in your message. The best copies are short and simple. The shorter they are the better for you.

Proof Ridden: Talk is cheap, especially when it’s empty. We would create a message for your prospects that is full of proof. We know the prospects get messages every day. We would make yours stand out with proofs like mentioning the name of a big client you’ve worked for, some great feet you have achieved, amongst other notable things.

When we structure your copy this way, you can be certain to get a response from your prospects.

Phase 3: Outreach Messages
At Optamark Digital , we have a proven outreach method that fixes you in the prospect’s favorite spot in no time. Our outreach messages follow a sure-to-work routine. They show the prospects the value you can offer while opening a window for conversation. We help you send:
  • A connection request followed with a copy that sells you.
  • Free in mails to open profile accounts.
  • Follow up messages to help sustain a conversation and nourish your relationships with your connections.
Phase 4: Notification for Leads and Set Calls
You would receive notifications of responses from all your leads. You can also monitor your leads from your personalized dashboard.
LinkedIn Lead Generation Automation
Proper LinkedIn automation is done to suit your needs. At Optamark Digital, we ensure that automation is streamlined to sell your personality and show you as valuable in the eyes of all prospects. We do the serious work needed through niching to ensure that your copy resonates strongly with the people in that niche. This streamlined methodology does not only eradicate vagueness and blandness. It also ensures that your messages look as natural as possible. LinkedIn lead generation automation with Optamark Digital would skyrocket you, placing you in the right position for the prospects to see.
Our Strategy Works
The only thing we need from you is a go-ahead. With that, we can get your LinkedIn popping with leads every now and then. We have helped many LinkedIn users achieve this using our reliable methods. Your case won’t be different.
All We Need Is An Order. Are You Willing To Give It?
Taking an order from you is all that stands between you and a world of success. All that is in the way is your decision. Make it today and allow Optamark Digital, the top LinkedIn link generation agency get you to the top.


Why LinkedIn Lead Generation is important for you ?

LinkedIn marketing is one of the oldest forms of E-marketing strategy ever invented, yet it still remains potent. With email marketing, you can:

There are 310 million monthly active users so there are huge opportunities for lead generation.
LinkedIn is the #1 channel B2B marketers use for their business and to distribute the content.
There are higher chances to generate the potential leads from LinkedIn.
More than 25 Million companies using LinkedIn to generate Leads.

Your customers may not visit your website every day, but they will check their emails daily without fail. As long as your content is valuable and helpful, your customers will pay attention to it. And we are here to help you add value to your emails. Your audience will love your emails and look forward to hearing from you.

Whay Us

LinkedIn Lead Generation is no longer a hassle for you.


We have a lot of experience under our belt. Our email marketing team has helped lots of businesses around the country to grow their mailing list, and to turn a lot of subscribers into long-term customers.

Effective Strategy

We use strategies that are unique to you to build your mailing list as well as get you up there where you need to be. We do not use the same strategy for every client as businesses are treated with specificity. We study your business and create strategies that are relevant to you and can help you leverage on your mailing list.

Value For Money

We give you what you want. We make sure that you get value for your money. Our services are cost-effective, and yield the desired result again and again.

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Reach out to us today and we can start discussing your growth immediately. Contact us via email or call, we are expecting to hear from you.

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