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About Us

Social Media Content Creation Agency.

Optamark Digital offers a complete suite of social media content solutions for industries and start-ups in varying degrees.

Everyone can pretty much tackle the mundane day-to-day intricacies of social media, however, not everyone can effectively use social media tools as an effective means for marketing.

This is evident in Facebook’s rising profits which runs into billions of dollars annually, while most Facebook marketers are unable to account for the monies spent on advertising. Some industry experts have claimed that this may be attributed to the ease of setting up a Facebook campaign, and the difficulties associated with making one successful.

Thus the need for a social media advertising agency. An agency of the sorts possesses staff who are experienced in the art of content creation and strategy, and who understand the social media advertising spheres. Currently, Optamark Digital manages social media content creation for over 20 top-tier firms.

Some of the tactics employed by our social media experts include A/B split testing, conversion optimization, and lookalike audiences among numerous other techniques. Our goal lies in our ability to provide our clients with efficient, yet affordable options with regard to social media content marketing in a bid to push through sales, and create lasting brand awareness.

Due to the difference in demographics, and regulations, our team of social media content marketers delves into the rule books as they pertain to each target demographic group to effectively identify the needs of each group.


How We Go About It

From growth hacking, content creation, and influencer marketing, Optamark Digital has proven to be an industry leader in social media content creation over the years. Therefore, you can rest assured that your content will indeed drive the much-desired traffic to your website. At Optamark Digital, our idea of successful content generation for social media involves an efficient content strategy that ensures unreal numbers in ROI.

Social Media Content is no longer a hassle for you.

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About Us
Optamark Digital is a multi-faceted social media marketing agency, packed with a team of seasoned content strategists, blog writers, and videographers. Our team ensures that the quality of service remains a priority for all our customers. Thanks to innovative storytelling, and advanced SEO techniques, you can sit back, and watch the automation reap bountiful rewards.
Social Media Marketing

Optamark Digital specializes in the management of various social media platforms, some of which include, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Our esoteric methods of alluring prospective customers with our thought out campaigns and affordable plans ensure a growing list of positive reviews from our clients.

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Influencer Marketing
Thanks to an extensive list of social influencers, Optamark Digital provides an effective online marketing campaign by capturing the hearts of your prospective buyers through their idols. With our influencer marketing packages, we strive to provide clients with social media outlets that match their brand image, and organizational values. For this reason, Optamark Digital has a large number of bloggers and celebrities who are looking to help engage your prospective clients. Taking advantage of influencer marketing is the next step for your business. Contact Optamark Digital today, and reap the benefits. Influencer marketing is the most effective digital word of mouth advertising in today’s technology-driven world.
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Why Social Media Marketing is important for you ?

Social Media marketing is one of the oldest forms of E-marketing strategy ever invented, yet it still remains potent. With Social Media marketing, you can:

Reach a potential 9 million audience that use email applications.
Ninety-one percent of consumers check their emails daily.
Eighty-six percent of consumers are open to receiving promotional emails from businesses and companies they are connected to.
A third of consumers have clicked purchase links for products and services they received through emails.
Email marketing yields 43 percent returns.

Your customers may not visit your website every day, but they will check their emails daily without fail. As long as your content is valuable and helpful, your customers will pay attention to it. And we are here to help you add value to your emails. Your audience will love your emails and look forward to hearing from you.

Whay Us

Socail Media Content is no longer a hassle for you.


We have a lot of experience under our belt. Our email marketing team has helped lots of businesses around the country to grow their mailing list, and to turn a lot of subscribers into long-term customers.

Effective Strategy

We use strategies that are unique to you to build your mailing list as well as get you up there where you need to be. We do not use the same strategy for every client as businesses are treated with specificity. We study your business and create strategies that are relevant to you and can help you leverage on your mailing list.

Value For Money

We give you what you want. We make sure that you get value for your money. Our services are cost-effective, and yield the desired result again and again.

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