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Does Your Digital Marketing Campaign Need Good Copywriting?

One of the most overlooked—yet arguably the most important—part of digital marketing is copywriting. Most people assume that as long as your text is readable and doesn’t have too many typographical errors, then you’re all set. Unfortunately, this can’t be further from the truth. You could do everything right in making your advertising campaign, from […]
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Being a Better Blogger: 3 Copywriting Tips You Should Know

As a blogger, it can sometimes be limiting to observe rules and formats, especially if it makes you uncomfortable to restrict your voice. However, rules are there as guidelines to improve your writing. Being a better blogger is more than just about learning proper grammar and finding the right topics for your target audience. Copywriters […]
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Creating Online Video Content – What You Need to Know

Producing high-quality video content is a surefire way to attract new customers. That’s because it is simply entertaining and keeps people engaged. In fact, this is a new emerging force in the world of digital marketing producing online video content that, unlike traditional T.V. ads, are actually worth watching. Online businesses that produce video content are […]
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The 5 Elements of Great Content That Works

What many marketers skip when talking about content marketing is the great difficulty of having your content noticed. With the world practically drowning in an ocean of blog posts, emails, and videos, and over 2 billion websites on the internet all vying for attention, getting noticed by your customers will definitely not be a walk […]
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Why Content Matters for SEO – What to Know

Years ago, advertising media was mostly one-directional, that is, on print, television, or radio. Brands would split the audience demographics into broad age groups, socio-economic classes, and locations. Consumers were categorized very loosely, and advertising copy would speak very broadly about the benefits of products and services. Customers became loyal to brands because most everyone […]
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5 Best Content Marketing Practices That Work

At its core, content marketing remains the heart of digital marketing. Without its systematic approach to designing content around your customer’s needs, digital marketing would look more like a classified ads page instead of the dynamic form that it comes in today. However, with the world absolutely drowning in content, it can be difficult to […]
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