Top 7 Tips That Can Improve Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns!

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can bring more traffic to your website giving your page good ranks quickly. But sometimes, many people in business make some common mistakes that can prevent their campaigns from becoming a success.

Before understanding some basic rules that you can follow for your successful campaigns, we need to understand what PPC is and how it works.

Every PPC is unique. However, some common characteristics are shared by all successful businessmen. It includes a logically organized structure, comprehensive keyword search, management, and maintenance.

How PPC Campaigns work- Marketers specify an amount they are willing to give through Google AdWords or Facebook Ads whenever their user clicks on the website. It is an auction-based campaign where advertisers specify where they want to give their ads, whether in search engines or content blocks embedded within the websites or sometimes both. Advertisers and business people that bite on the most targeted keywords receive more exposure.

Although PPC Campaigns looks simple to work with, it is a time-consuming task. It would help if you work smarter than working hard to maintain your PPC Campaign as it can be a full-time job, and your target is to grow your business and taking care of your customers. There are some common mistakes advertisers often do. They target the wrong keywords and lack exposure, recognition, and a compelling message. Here are some tips you can follow to improve your PPC Campaigns:

1.Try to avoid broadly matched keywords

One of the biggest mistakes most advertisers perform while choosing keyword phrases specific to their site and setting broadly matched keywords that will allow your ads to appear not only for your chosen keyword phrases but also for any familiar phrases or keywords variations your ads are providing. Although it brings more exposure to your site, you may need to pay extra for irrelevant traffic arriving at your ads. So, to lose your money on irrelevant traffic, focus on more specific keywords for your ads.

2.Always separate searches and ad content placements.

Search engine placements mean PPC ads will appear in the search query results whereas, content network placements mean other website pages will display your PPC ads as blocks within their pages. Many new advertisers select both the option search and content network placements. They use the same keyword phrases, contents for their ads, and a specific amount for each click by their visitors.

Specific queries search, and websites that can trigger your content network placements can significantly different exposure than what you can get from search networks. Moreover, running the same ads on both platforms can cost you double for irrelevant clicks and traffic approaching your website. Customizing your ads before putting them on both the placements can be time-consuming; however, you can yield better results out of it. It is far more convenient to tailor your keywords, ad copy, and bids for each keyword phrase for search and content network placements.

3.Importance of using Negative Keywords.

Many PPC marketers and advertisers do not use negative keywords in their ads. Negative keywords help your ad to specify where it should NOT appear. Negative Keywords or phrases help you to avoid extra costs for irrelevant traffic to your site. It is common for your ads to appear for similar search queries, but using negative keywords, helps your ad avoid unconnected users by clicking your site page.

4.Target effective ad campaigns.

Many advertisers are not much precise when it comes to targeting their ad campaigns. You should use PPC account features to accelerate your ads’ efficiency. These features allow you to specify who can see your ads and who cannot.

You can consider few areas mentioned here to increase your efficiency and targeting your ad campaigns:

  • Multiple Countries: While planning for advertising your ad in different countries, you must set up your ad for each group. In another case, you should limit your ad campaigns to U.S placements only.
  • Micro-geographic focus: If you are creating your ad for any local business keywords, use features for micro-geographic targets in your advertising accounts. It will allow you to select specific zip codes of the delivery areas where your ads will appear.
  • A particular time of the day: If your ads grab conversations with your visitors at a specific time of the day. Then set your ads in such a way that runs only during those specific periods.

5.Always try to match landing pages to your ads.

If your visitor lands on an irrelevant page from your PPC ad, it will not only become a barrier in your sales process but can also result in lower ad quality scores for your ads. This will lead you to pay for each click on your PPC ads and ending up receiving less exposure than other advertisers with higher ad quality scores.

You can also use fewer keywords to avoid low relevance ads and landing page matching. It can help your landing pages be highly relevant for your visitors to provide them good traffic to your website.

6.Test ads copy and ROI calculator

Unless you test for different versions of your ads to see which could perform best to attract more traffic to your site, you cannot maximize ROI for your ad campaign. Effectively writing ad copy can be a difficult task, but your ad campaign needs to meet success. ACCORDING TO YOUR TARGETED KEYWORD PHRASES, many PPC campaign accounts allow you to test that rotate your ads at different platforms.

You must change your few settings, allowing your ads to circulate and serve to the audience randomly rather than specific platform placement formulas of displaying ads. It will determine the results according to the most clicks on the ad. You can check your ROI with this ROI calculator Pay-Per-Click ROI Calculator

7.You should track the return on your investments

You need to know which clicks provide you good returns to your investment to manage and maintain your PPC Campaign effectively and improve your ROI. Tie up your PPC account with Google Analytics to track your visitors reaching your page and resulting in good sales. You can generate this data for free. Without these analytics, you cannot eliminate less-effective ads and keyword phrases by adjusting your effective keyword bids for more return profits and good exposure for your website pages.

With some of these tips, you can improve your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns effectively, resulting in good and relevant exposure reaching your pages and increasing your marketing sales.

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