Top 6 Types Of Social Media Marketing In 2021!

Social Media Marketing

Through the years, technological advancements, and decreasing gap between several communities – marketing has become an easily accessible feat. But with its ease of availability comes a much larger and fiercer competition in every industry. Today, digital marketing has become increasingly popular and one of the first preferred means of promoting one's brand or business. In light of digital marketing come the phenomena of social media marketing. It has helped in increasing the exposure of many brands and uplifting small-scale businesses. With a big influx in social media audience base, marketing has gained rightful fame over the past decade.

There is a common misconception that social media marketing will only be profitable amongst the consumer population's young demographic. This modern capabilities age has offered its hand to all age groups – from elementary school kids to retired old age individuals. With social media, digital marketing has been reformed and received many possibilities for how one can promote or market their services. Due to this, there is a dire need to understand what you can do when assessing social media.

This brief guide will help you acknowledge the six basic social media marketing types that have gained popularity in 2021. But first, let us delve into its framework and overall advantages.

Why opt for social media marketing?

One of the most important things required from brand marketing is the need to gain your customers' loyalty after getting their attention. Moreover, there is a dire need to assess every marketing aspect in an organized and definite manner. With social media agencies' help, it has become easier to categorize your marketing platforms to calculate the brand awareness created and analyze potential clients' interactions.

Social media marketing firms ensure that you have access to every bit of information put into the promotion of your brand to use that data to increase the exposure of your brand or business. Adding to this, because social media allows a reliable platform to form a bond between the consumer and the brand, it gives leeway to brand loyalty. As more and more people are choosing to partake in social media, it increases your business's chances to reach a bigger audience and get more website traffic.

Types of social media marketing

There are a few basic and generalized types of social media marketing used and appreciated by businesses worldwide.

1. Social Network Sites:

The largest base for social media marketing have been various social networking sites, which originally began as a means of communicating, but the recent age of digital marketing has revolutionized it into a platform for promoting brands and businesses. It offers brands to showcase their ads, sponsored in browsing pages of people who would enjoy selling. Moreover, brands can create their pages on social networking sites, which will help immensely gain the target audience's attention. The algorithm that these platforms follow work ardently towards giving their users content that they like, leading them towards websites and pages to get more of their desired services or products. Examples include Facebook, Instagram, etc.

2. Social news:

These platforms act like newspaper adverts for your business or brand. You can link other websites or social networks in the social news sites for people to be redirected towards. It will especially be helpful if your target audience is individuals who flock to social news platforms. A great example can be Reddit

3. Bookmarking sites:

The prospective of bookmarking sites has been in demand for a long time and has gained an influx in popularity in recent years. This platform is one of the best means of marketing, as people who indulge in such sites are usually looking for products to fit their aesthetic and needs. They are, therefore, attracted towards adverts of brands which will provide them essentially what they are looking for. These bookmarking sites provide external and internal links to other websites where people will find items to their liking. Platforms like Pinterest are a great example, which encourages people to indulge in social media marketing and shopping

4. Blogs:

WordPress is one of the largest sites where several small-scale and large-scale businesses have created their digital shops to sell their products and promote their brand. It has been a big helping hand in leading a large client base to the businesses' digital shops, with the extensive availability of personalizing your page with different aesthetics and mood settings. WordPress, and blog sites, as such, also offer the services of customizing your product viewing, interactive features with customers, and much more. This is, therefore, one of the best ways of promoting and marketing your brand. A good social media firm will allow you to truly delve into the world of digital marketing through the eyes of social media

5. Media sharing platforms:

The emergence of YouTube was the revolutionization of social media, media sharing/viewing, and platforms for brands and businesses to advertise in. YouTube is one of the largest means of content consumption through all age and gender demographics, with ever-increasing popularity. The best feature it provides for business owners is ads and sponsors' service, displayed in between video viewing or under certain shared media. It helps in increasing the exposure of your brand or business by consistently showing it to potential consumers who will be interested in what you have to offer

6. Community building sites:

Platforms such as Yahoo!, Google, where forums and communication are one of the biggest means of revenue or audience attraction, offer a large base for promoting or marketing your business. Community building sites also pose as blogs and platforms for bonding between community members.


Social media has become a highly preferred platform for digital marketing and promotion of brands. It offers definite and organized ways of product viewing, customer interaction analysis, and keeping track of your sales. The scale of social media is so large and wide – throughout the world – that the possibilities concerning marketing are endless.

Through this guide, you will have gotten a basic idea of how social media marketing is much more advantageous and dynamic than it is given credit for.

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