Top 10 LinkedIn Automation Tools For Lead Generation In 2021!

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LinkedIn Automation Tools are lead generation tools that automatically send connection requests to prospects, helping you grow your connection with different people. These automation tools also send messages for follow-up. These tools do all the work regarding lead generation that you would otherwise do manually to consume your time.

We know LinkedIn is a platform for growing connections, coming in contact with more people spending time on this stage. But manually managing this process, sending messages to people yourself and connection requests, requesting people to connect with you, and grow the network can be time-consuming. You cannot spend your whole day doing the same task as there are more tasks which need your more attention towards it.

First of all, you need to understand why it is important to use these automation tools for LinkedIn to generate reliable and accurate leads to grow the network. What benefits you will get by using these automation tools. Here are some of the points for you to understand its benefits.

  • With automation tools for LinkedIn, you can distribute your content for your audiences at an ideal time alongside expanding your effort in less time, consequently acquiring speedy consideration from your possibilities.
  • Another big advantage of these automation tools is the simplicity of building up customized associations during client cooperation. When you send messages to your LinkedIn clients or connections, they generally impart using LinkedIn messages. As every minute 24/7 of everyday connection interaction is unimaginable. In such a situation, LinkedIn automation tools help speak with the robotized setting in a customized way.
  • Aside from automatic tedious errands, they additionally perform savvy work. A few devices produce leads and offer savvy highlights; for instance, they can revive your past talk/correspondence with your possibilities before beginning an authority meeting with them.

LinkedIn provides you some automation tools that can help you generate your connection and enlarge your network with ease. We have concluded some of the top LinkedIn automation tools available in 2021 to consider and rely on them for your lead generation on your LinkedIn account.

1. AeroLeads

It is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools for generating leads to your LinkedIn account. Many professionals have used this automation tool for years, and it is highly reliable for accurate and verified leads.

AeroLeads helps you to find phone numbers and email addresses related to business on LinkedIn itself. This software searches mails for you automatically and uplifts your connection searches by providing you with a list of recommended unique emails saving your precious time.

2. Crystal

Crystal is a grounded and confided-in automation tool for LinkedIn that helps B2B advertisers adequately speak with possibilities, make high-performing groups, create, and hold top ability.

Crystal gives moment admittance to many character profiles and free correspondence guidance for anybody you meet. If you utilize LinkedIn as your prospecting apparatus, Crystal surveys your possibility's LinkedIn profile and gives his character experiences. With such a feature, it becomes highly easy to connect with people understanding their character insights.

3. Dux-Soup

This automation tool for LinkedIn has become very popular in recent times for generating verified leads for your LinkedIn account. This software helps you find your connections, attract them, and engage yourself to generate a lead.

This advanced automated software views your interest's profile, analyzes the mentioned skills in the profile, follows that profile's daily activity, and sends business messages on your behalf. Using this software, you can enhance your search quality, uplift your conversation rates with your prospectus, and help you grow your network without any barrier.

4. LeadFuze

LeadFuze helps you to identify and prepare a list of recommended and useful leads to avoid confusion. As more than millions of people are using the LinkedIn platform, choosing correct leads for easy network growth is very important.

LeadFuze provides your business phone numbers and email addresses of your prospectus and also sends business messages to them on your behalf.

5. GrowthLead

GrowthLead helps you find accurate and useful leads when its advanced filter is used. This automation tool helps to find your targeted audience according to your company and brand.

This benefit avoids unwanted audiences trafficking your LinkedIn account. It can also prepare many outreach campaigns, and due to this feature, you can make multiple LinkedIn accounts and easily outreach your connections.

6. LinkedHelper

As the name suggests, this automation tool helps you with your LinkedIn account, making most of your work automatic, consuming very little time. This software manages all your marketing and sales parts and works as a sales navigator navigating the sales process. Otherwise, when you will do it manually can be a highly time-consuming task.

It can respond automatically to reach your connections after you will create a campaign and set templates. It will help your connections to know about your campaigns quicker. It also has a feature that allows you to gather information about other members if you are a part of that group. You can directly contact them by messaging or emailing them.

7. Zopto

This automation tool Zopto is software that allows you to manage your sales and also navigate them. You can customize your customer list according to few parameters like the location, company size, industry, etc.

After customizing your customer and clients, you can outreach them by sending them business messages, connection requests, etc. You can also manage those leads with the help of this software that provides you all the statistical data about all your LinkedIn campaigns.

8. TexAu

TexAu refers to test and automation, and its work is related to that only. TexAu helps you in enhancing your businesses' sales raising your business on top by navigating its sales. It has an excellent feature that it can extract connection leads from saved sales navigator campaigns very easily. Helping you grow your network with ease.

It can find the email addresses also from those profiles. Moreover, if you are a part of any group, this automation tool extracts all members' profiles from that group.

9. Expandi

Expandi automation tool is the most reliable automation tool for LinkedIn. It allows you to do around 100 messages and emails to your prospects and leads in a single day. If any of your invite or connection request is pending, Expandi helps to withdraw it also.

You can extract profiles of people engaged in another post of your recommendation, and you can then target them for your upcoming sales campaign by messaging them.

10. eLinkPro

To make people see your profile, visit it, and if they find it interesting, they can also send you a connection request. But to want the same, you need to visit their profile first. But it is a highly time-consuming task to visit a hundred profiles in a day of your targeted audience.

eLinkPro does that for you. It automates your visit to your targeted audiences with an average number of 800 profiles in a single day. Although, it is not sure that all 800 profiles will revert and show interest in your profile. But if you will outreach 800 profiles in a day, there is a lot of chance to generate good quality leads.


LinkedIn can do wonders for your business to make it a big hit in the market if you use its power correctly after gaining the knowledge. You can expand your leads easily by using some of the top automation tools that automate most of your tasks with high accuracy.

These were the top 10 LinkedIn automation tools you can consider to generate leads to your LinkedIn account in 2021. Use the best out of it, and grow your leads globally for a successful and hit business.

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