LinkedIn Is An Effective B2B Marketing Tool, Understanding Its Uses!

Linkedin Marketing

B2B marketing stands for Business to Business marketing, whereas the one oriented towards the consumer is B2C Marketing. Contents for B2B marketing need to be more informational and straightforward.B2B marketers sell to business committees having different key committees.B2B marketing is associated with complex and challenging forms such as security solutions, software-as-a-service-solution (SaaS), tools, and accessories.

Types of B2B Marketing

  • Blogs need to be continually updated and provide organic visibility
  • Search based on SEO practice
  • Social Media, both organic and paid. As B2B buyers extensively use social media, these channels most suitable for B2B marketing.
  • Whitepapers/eBooks a re lead generation tools and are downloadable documents.
  • Email effectiveness is waning, giving way to Linkedin InMail.
  • Videos

Effectiveness of LinkedIn in B2B Marketing

Its effectiveness is second only to Facebook. The following statistics further support it.

  • Social media leads of 80& are generated from LinkedIn
  • 94% of B2B marketers distribute their contents through LinkedIn
  • About 44% of all relevant leads of B2B comes from LinkedIn

More than 450 million business professionals use major social media networking. You can set up a personal profile and then connect with other professionals, known or unknown, about whom you intend to know. You can get status updates regularly. You can also set up a LinkedIn profile for your company and allow others to follow your company's updates.

Strong Strategies for LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

Unlike Facebook audiences, LinkedIn is more matured and less reactive, and non-responsive to irrelevant markets. It is a professional networking platform, not like Twitter or Instagram. Make a systematic approach as below.

1. Showcase your LinkedIn Profile

Showcase your profile, listing therein your work experience, educational and professional qualifications.

Status Updates

Post status updates through brief statements you feel will be useful. You can include impressive images and valuable links to related content either on your website or on that of third parties. Regular posting of actionable status updates will establish your recognition as an active member. This is a plus point for B2B marketing.

  • Articles: By publishing your articles to your profile, LinkedIn creates opportunity and recognition as a thought leader. Your recognition in your LinkedIn community adds to the prospect of your B2B business.
  • Visual Presentation: You can post visual presentations, slide share, and other videos to YouTube. Display in your LinkedIn profile opens market avenues for your B2B business.
  • Recommendations: You can ask for recommendations from your connections. A good collection of recommendations on your experience and expertise will create a good marketing prospect for you.
  • Expertise & Skills: Clear mention of your skills and expertise enable other connections in your community to endorsing the same to those in need of such expertise.
  • Projects: Post any successful projects along with the link and the names of the team members you worked with.
  • Publications: Showcase any publication written by you.
  • Volunteering and Causes: Furnish a list of NGOs you have supported and the causes, therefore.
  • Important Accomplishments: Through LinkedIn, you can keep your connections informed about your languages and awards, certifications, Patents, and courses.

2. Create a Home Page of Your Company

It should be informative and educative and must be showcasing the story of your company. Mention clearly about your products and services and update the home page regularly. It may have the following features

  • Banner Image: Since the first impression lasts long, make your banner eye-catching and impressive. Include your company's brand.
  • Products and services: Enrich your presentation through the rich description, detailed feature list, images, links, and Tubes.
  • Status Updates: These may include content from your website along with links. Updates must be regular.
  • Career Opportunism: You can post positions open by charging a fee.

3. Be Advantaged by LinkedIn Community Features:

Through the following LinkedIn features, you can collaborate and communicate with other LinkedIn users.

  • Groups: LinkedIn groups assist you in staying informed. At the same time, they keep in contact with those connected to you. You can either create your own LinkedIn group; or can join an existing one of your choice. Increase the scope by participating in discussions with other groups.
  • Influencers: They can help y9ou in connecting with well-respected thought leaders. A few for mention are Guy Kawasaki, Tony Robbins, and Richard Branson. They contribute content in the form of content. On commenting on their blog posts, you can share them as status updates on your profile.

4. Leveraging of LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

LinkedIn has all the features that could augment B2B Marketing. The following tips will add to your efforts in this regard

  • Branding of LinkedIn address along with your name such as
  • Achieve specialization and distinct recognition by others in the community by regularly updating and discussing with groups.
  • Place warm calls to sales prospects by sorting them out from the list of connections available with you. You can use the introduction feature asking someone of your connection to make your introduction
  • Employees are the costliest asset of an organization. Try to get a Rock Star employee committed and dedicated to earning for you by effectively using your LinkedIn profile. You should seek employees who have the required expertise and experience.
  • Whenever you chance to come in personal business contact with anyone, spare no time and opportunity to add him/her to your LinkedIn. The more you expand your contact, the more avenues you open for your B2B marketing. To make your approach more effective, personalize your introductory message.

With the increase in digital marketing, marketers find social media the best and the most cost-effective way to sell their products and services.LinkedIn marketing comes next to Facebook with the widening of connections; you will be enabled to come through various content. Videos and documents are considered by experts to be the best forms of content for B2B lead generation and consequently for marketing.

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