9 Ways That Can Improve Your LinkedIn Lead Generation Ads In 2021!

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LinkedIn has become more popular in recent years. You can grow your contacts easily with an up-to-date LinkedIn account. People have started gathering contact content more popularly recently. You can keep yourself updated about what your contacts are up to. You can take inspiration from successful business stories shared through your connections.

Rather than seeing what delicious meal your neighbor aunt will make in her dinner or seeing how politics are trolling various people, it is better to keep yourself updated with what is on-trend in your industry. Targeting LinkedIn options helps advertisers zoning you in the audience's profile in any part as per your interest.

LinkedIn is a more beneficial platform for B2B targeting in PPC Campaigns. It also helps you to generate high-quality B2B leads. You need to understand and apply some of the strategies we have compiled for you if your goal is to improve your LinkedIn lead generations.

1.Try to have something valuable which you can offer to your audience.

This is one of the biggest troubles many advertisers face while publishing their content on LinkedIn. Many people in business feel what they are serving is awesome, giving beautiful content to their visitors. Moreover, their thinking can be right as they will be the best in their knowledge. But the main thing is, whether people are finding them interesting willing to start their hard selling you on their offerings without even generating a proper connection with you.

It is very important to understand if your content and offers you provide to your visitors are not as important as they should be, you cannot think to go well in LinkedIn lead generation services.

2.To follow with new leads in the right way, integrating your CRM will work.

Although you can manually handle your LinkedIn leads generation by yourself. Still, LinkedIn allows you to integrate with your CRM for lead generation ads submitted by you according to the platform you are using. It makes your work easier and less time-consuming.

It has some advantages because it makes your life easier with more results letting you connect with new people.

  • Automated platforms save much of your time. It saves your precious time in logging in and exporting in all your connections regularly.
  • It avoids time lag between users filling up the form and becoming a part of all follow-up sequences of other people joining and filling out the form directly on your website.

You can consider more information to link your LinkedIn and CRM according to the platform you are using.

3.Provide a meaningful name to your form.

Always try to give your forms a sensible, meaningful, useful name in a systematic manner. Let's take an example; if you want to check and correct any troubleshoot happening with your forms and goes to a list of all forms featuring such names as follows:

  • Lead Gen form
  • Gen form 1
  • New form
  • New form 2
  • LinkedIn leads Gen form 2

Can you now figure out in what exact form of troubleshooting is happening and needs rectification?

You will end up opening each form one by one to figure out what form is not working. It will be a highly time-consuming task. To avoid such confusion and to mug up things, always sensibly name your forms.

4.Make your LinkedIn lead generation form text fields as landing pages.

Visitors don't usually end up entering your website page without a confirmation page. It is very important to convert your form text as a landing page for your website for more traffic to your site. Invest some of your time and creative thinking in designing your landing pages.

Use Offer Headline and Offer Details sections of the LinkedIn lead generation form while designing your users' landing pages. It will tell your users what benefits they will get after filling the form. But being concise is very important, as they have word limits.

LinkedIn's lead generation services can help you improve your forms by making them filled with many visitors.

5.Try to make a balance between Volume and Quantity.

Like any other forms, you should know the number of questions to put on your forms and the number of responses you want to get from your visitors.

People tend to avoid lengthy forms with too many questions where they are not willing to give their time in reading each question and then answering them. If you ask more questions in your forms, you cannot expect many responses from people.

Many advertisers are more concerned about getting as many forms filled as possible without thinking about the lead quality. You should use the minimum number of questions you can add, which can still call a person filling it a "Lead."

But if you are willing to get quality responses, you should curate your form questions to exempt low-quality responses on your forms. To get higher quality leads, you can use some ways like:

  • Ask more questions
  • Leverage on custom questions and, most important,
  • Force your users to type something in blanks without adding only Autofill questions in the whole form

Through this, you can get an idea of whether your visitors are responding seriously after actually reading your questions asked in the form or not

6.Leverage hidden fields if needed.

Linking your LinkedIn lead forms with your CRM doesn't mean all your tracking is being properly done without troubleshooting. You may need to leverage your hidden fields depending upon your tracking performance and having a lead mapping in your CRM or not.

It is a great source of tracking your leads, targeting sources; creativity needs to be added to your forms for more traffic and much more in your CRM, likewise done in landing pages. It provides additional information in your CRM that is not directly found within the lead generation forms.

You can add 20 hidden field names, which would be plenty for tracking purposes. But using them wisely is very important.

7.Tagging your landing page URL with proper UTM tags is very important.

In LinkedIn lead generation ads, visitors can fill your form without actually visiting your attached landing pages. If they do or wish to do in case, you should be ready to provide them a meaningful URL tag similar you will do in any regular sponsored ad campaign.

In form builder under the 'Confirmation' section, LinkedIn lets you add a landing page to send your users to your website, providing them more information regarding what they have filled in the form or giving more information about your business.

Adding all UTM tags and treating it as a regular landing page can help you retargeting your audience and tracking performance offering brand awareness.

8.Providing your users two ways to get information.

It is important to understand each user visiting your website is unique. They could have different intentions when they are engaging in your content. So, it would help if you encouraged providing multiple ways of gathering information from your website.

The first option is to provide your users with links and landing pages in the confirmation lead generation forms. It will help them to connect then and there with your content by clicking and following the provided URL if they wish.

The second option is if they engage directly to your website, have CRM mail providing them another way to get back to you. It can go a long way for the user to visit your page to refer to the information continuing to look at your brand products.

9.Use of Demographic feature offered by the LinkedIn website.

A campaign manager in LinkedIn is a very helpful feature. Sadly, it is known by very few people. It allows you to separate your visitors reaching your website from your LinkedIn ads according to their company they belong to, their company size, their job description, etc. This feature allows you to target your specific audience and makes your tracking easy.


LinkedIn Lead Generation ad services can help you improve your LinkedIn account by adding new connections to your list. It is a great source to get high conversion rates out of existing expensive traffic. You can consider these tips to improve your sales and brand awareness when used wisely.

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