Being a Better Blogger: 3 Copywriting Tips You Should Know


As a blogger, it can sometimes be limiting to observe rules and formats, especially if it makes you uncomfortable to restrict your voice. However, rules are there as guidelines to improve your writing. Being a better blogger is more than just about learning proper grammar and finding the right topics for your target audience. Copywriters know full well the importance of engaging their readers and getting their way around online spaces.

Learning copywriting strategies to improve your writing

Different types of bloggers, from journalists to brand influencers, need to learn about the various ways that copywriting strategies can help improve their writing. Even if you’re not into corporate writing, these copywriting tips will improve your craft and allow you to communicate and engage better with your readers.

If you want to step up your blogging game, here are three copywriting tips that will help you become better:

1. Write with a purpose in mind

There’s nothing wrong with thinking of blogging as a personal hobby. However, if you don’t write with a goal in mind, it can be challenging to engage your readers. Every content that you upload on the internet has a purpose, whether it’s a story about your childhood or a movie review. Your content must challenge your readers to act through posting a comment, sharing your post on digital media, or subscribing to your newsletter. Adding a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your post can help continue the conversation with your viewers. By doing so, you are strengthening the personal community that you have from your blog.

2. Make your content conversational

As a blogger, you should know how to drive a conversation with your reader. Notice how we’re speaking directly to you in the previous sentence? The inclusion of ‘YOU’ in your sentences simulates a real-time dialogue. It will help you make a smoother flow of conversation if you familiarize yourself with your audience. Knowing who you’re writing for will make it easier to create casual yet engaging content that they will enjoy and share with others.

3. Keep your content compact

There’s a recurring debate both for hobbyist bloggers and corporate copywriters about the perfect sweet spot of an article’s word count. Many people argue that the younger generation has a much smaller attention span, which makes them favor shorter pieces. On the other hand, long-form content is excellent for full stories and news coverage.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter whether you write short or long content. The more crucial factor is whether you’re writing is compact and concise. Short 500-word articles can still feel unnecessarily heavy and repetitive, just as much as 1,500-word ones. You must always ensure that the length of your piece justifies your content’s message. Ensure that every word counts, without draining your audiences’ attention. Covering different types of topics will help you find the perfect length you’re comfortable writing.


Learning about different copywriting strategies will help you be a better writer, whether you’re writing product reviews or covering local news stories. The key to getting a larger audience is knowing how to write for both search engines and humans. Utilize the components of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by having eye-catching headlines, using the right title and meta tags, and having the corresponding keywords on your content pieces. Combining all these elements with an engaging and unique writer’s voice will improve your blog’s viewership and shareability in no time!

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