A Perspective On Google Perspective Seo: Why Quora, Youtube, Reddit?

A Perspective On Google Perspective Seo: Why Quora, Youtube, Reddit?
A Perspective On Google Perspective Seo: Why Quora, Youtube, Reddit?

A Perspective On Google Perspective Seo: Why Quora, Youtube, Reddit?

Google Perspectives, launched in June 2024, is becoming more popular because people are using it to find insights on the internet.

This might change how searches for brands and other terms work a lot. It makes opinions from other sources very important.

Let’s look at what Google Perspectives is, how it can affect searches for brands and other terms, and some ways you can make your search terms work better.



Google Perspectives is a section in Google’s search results that gathers information from websites, social media, online discussions, and more. However, it doesn’t include information directly from the brands’ websites.

When you search for a company’s brand name and look in Perspectives, you’ll find YouTube videos, shorts, Reddit threads, Quora responses, and Instagram videos.



For brand-related searches, Perspectives offers both obstacles and opportunities.

Since it doesn’t include content directly from a brand’s site, simply enhancing your website’s content isn’t sufficient. Brands must ensure they are well-represented, positive, and engaging on social media, forums, and other online platforms. The representation of your brand in Perspectives is significantly influenced by external opinions and discussions about you. This underscores the critical importance of reputation management and active participation on social media like never before.

Perspectives will draw on this external content, effectively merging the practices of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media strategy. This integration highlights the need for a cohesive approach that covers not just how you present your brand on your site but also how it’s perceived and discussed across the web. Being proactive in these areas can enhance your visibility and impact in Google’s search results, offering a comprehensive way to connect with your audience where they are actively engaging and seeking information.



For searches not tied to any brand, Perspectives highlights the need for diverse content strategies.

Google aims to display content that genuinely helps and provides new perspectives for these non-branded searches.

Creating content that’s both informative and engaging can make your brand or content creators stand out in Perspectives, even if the search isn’t specifically about your brand. It’s crucial to focus on crafting content that’s of high quality, authentic, and interactive across various platforms.

Consider how this strategy plays out on sites like Reddit and Quora, where engaging directly with communities can significantly boost your visibility and credibility. By answering questions and participating in discussions, you not only showcase your expertise but also build a reputation that could be beneficial in being featured within Google’s Perspectives. This approach emphasizes the importance of being active and helpful in places where your target audience spends time, providing value that goes beyond simple brand promotion.


Here is how I would optimize for Google Perspectives SEO…

1. Enhance Your Social Media Presence: Regularly publish engaging, informative content on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit. Engagement drives visibility, so encourage interactions through comments, shares, and likes.
2. Leverage User-Generated Content: Encourage your customers to share their experiences with your brand on their social media channels and forums. User-generated content can significantly boost your visibility in Perspectives.
3. Monitor Your Brand’s Online Reputation: Use social listening tools to keep track of what’s being said about your brand online. Address negative comments constructively and engage positively with your audience.

We all need a positive branded presence on these third-party websites.


Let’s talk about searches that aren’t about a specific brand. These are a bit different because they’re not just about the social media pages you manage. But, what you do for branded searches can also help with non-branded ones if you’re answering the right questions and focusing on the right topics.

1. Make Helpful Content: Aim to create content that provides unique insights, answers people’s questions, and comes from a place of expertise. You can put this content on your blog, YouTube channel, or even as guest articles on other websites.

2. Join in on Community Discussions: Be active on forums, question-and-answer sites like Quora, and other discussion areas related to what you do. Share what you know to become more known and trusted.

3. Show Your Skills and Experience: With Google’s updates, showing your skills and real-life experience is more important than ever. Make sure wherever you post your content, it shows off your unique knowledge and experiences.


Google Perspectives isn’t just another new feature; it changes the game in how search results show and organize information.

Google wants to show a wider range of opinions and stories, pushing brands to look past just their websites and connect more with the whole online world.

For brands and marketers, getting used to this change means they should focus on using many platforms to share content that is engaging, real, and shows real know-how. Honestly, we should all be doing this anyway.

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