A Franchise Business Owner’s Guide to Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Tips

Franchise ownership is a fulfilling business venture, but it requires you to be oriented on location-specific marketing. This will help you set your business apart from the bigger franchises and start gaining local acclaim as you provide recognizable proprietary products. But what exactly should you do for your marketing plan?

This guide is here to help you come up with viable marketing opportunities for your franchise business. We will take advantage of your local presence and how customers can interact around you. Take note that you may have an established branding and product, but this is one of the crucial steps to make it your own.

1. Create content with a focus on your location

SEO, or search engine optimization, still largely favors the localization aspect of your business. This means it can either be prioritized or avoided, depending on the specific location of your franchise. Remember—you can be just a few miles away from another competing franchise, and you also need to beat them.

This is why you should create content that is primarily centered around your location. For example, you can use campaigns that specifically have call-to-actions for people living within a county or street that is much closer to you compared to your competitors. This is how you empower your franchise to gain easy revenue.

2. Stick to the 3-mile radius

Location is the name of the game for franchise marketing, and that means your customers need to be easily drawn in. They need to be in range, ideally within the 3-mile radius of your franchise. Consider places within this vicinity as your audience.

The 3-mile radius is preferred due to a pattern among most customers: They may no longer want to drive to your establishment if you are more than 3 miles away. However, this rule should not restrict you to go a bit past the 3-mile radius. This is especially true if you want to compete with other franchises or businesses. However, be cost-efficient about this approach by hiring a digital marketing specialist.

3. Make use of geotagging on social media and other platforms

Social media empowers local businesses now more than ever. For instance, Instagram has a feature wherein you can feature a small business in your Stories. Facebook and Twitter also have location-specific features for businesses to use.

Encourage your customers to geotag your franchise by posting about it on social media. Similarly, you can also motivate them to use other platforms with location-specific capabilities, like Yelp and Google My Business. Thanks to geotagging, you can appear on search results more effectively.

4. Hire an experienced digital marketing agency

All the previously mentioned tips can be done through your own efforts, but you cannot maximize them as much as a professional digital marketing agency can. They can help you manage your location-specific content production, plus run effective PPC campaigns and email marketing to promote your franchise business. They are also able to make projections and analytics reports to refine your marketing approach. And most important of all, they know how to innovate franchise business marketing.


Marketing for franchise businesses is challenging since it means that you are under the pressure of the franchisor’s track record and put up against many local competitors. There are viable ways to market your business, but you need the help of a professional marketing agency to maximize all your resources. Therefore, hire a professional digital marketing agency today to grow your franchise business.

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