8 Lead Generation Trends for 2024

8 Lead Generation Trends for 2024
8 Lead Generation Trends for 2024

8 Lead Generation Trends for 2024

Getting new customers starts with finding people already interested in what you’ve got to offer. This process, called lead generation, is super important because it helps you focus your marketing on the folks who are most likely to buy from you.

But here’s the thing – as technology improves and marketing methods change, the way we find these interested people changes too. That’s why keeping up with the latest trends in lead generation can help you out.

This page is all about the top eight lead generation trends coming up in 2024. Whether you’re in the business of selling to other businesses (B2B) or directly to consumers (B2C), we’ve got something for you.

Keep reading to discover the future of finding and attracting customers!

1. AI personalization

AI personalization

First up on our radar is something super exciting: AI personalization for finding new customers.

Think about AI stepping out of just being in your phone or home and into the business world big time. Now, companies are getting their hands on smart tech that’s all about identifying potential customers, keeping them engaged, and smoothly guiding them to make a purchase.

So, how can AI lend a hand in drawing in customers? Here are a few cool ways:

  • Predictive analytics: It’s like having a magic ball that predicts which people are most likely to buy from you, thanks to AI’s ability to crunch data and spot who’s ready to take the plunge.
  • Upselling suggestions: You know when you’re shopping online, and you see those “you might also like” suggestions? That’s AI working its magic, suggesting additional items you might want to add to your cart.
  • Lead scoring: Imagine having a super brainy assistant that scores potential customers on how likely they are to buy, helping you zero in on the ones who are most interested.


Beyond these tricks, AI is also a game-changer for making your everyday tasks more efficient and boosting the quality of service for both new buddies and old friends alike. No matter how you use it, AI is shaping up to be a major player for businesses in 2024 and the years to follow.

2. Straightforward messaging

Straightforward messaging

Another big move in getting new customers, whether you’re talking to businesses (B2B) or directly to people (B2C), is all about keeping your message clear and simple.

Nowadays, customers have a lot of choices and the power to choose like never before. They’re overwhelmed with messages and promises, making it tough to figure out which company is the best fit for them. They don’t want to spend ages digging through your info just to find out why they should pick you.

Be clear about why your business is the right choice and what folks can look forward to. The more upfront and honest you are, the better your chances of winning them over.

When sharing your message, make sure to steer clear of:

  • Confusing or unclear phrases (like “a streamlined solution that promises valuable results”)
  • Unnecessary complicated words
  • Claims that don’t hold water


Above all, make your potential customers the star of the show. People are more drawn to messages that talk directly about and to them, rather than just hearing about how great your company is.

3. Generative AI content

Generative AI content

AI is like a super tool that’s making it way easier for businesses to come up with cool stuff like emails and blog posts quickly.

Imagine you want to write something but you’re not sure where to start. AI tools, think of them as super smart helpers like ChatGPT, can jump in and help you map out your ideas in no time.

And as these helpers get even better at what they do, businesses can use them more and more. This means they can get more leads without working harder. It’s like having an extra helper ready to do all sorts of tasks, from writing awesome articles to coming up with new ways to reach customers.

So, if you’re looking to make your blog better, send out great emails, or just spice up how you talk to your customers, AI is here to lend a hand. It’s all about making your job easier and making sure your messages connect with people. With AI by your side, there’s so much you can do, and it’s all pretty exciting for the future of getting new customers.

4. Intent-based lead generation

Google’s recent Helpful Content Update has mixed things up in how information gets spotted and ranked online. Now, it’s all about zeroing in on what the person searching is looking for and making sure your content answers their questions. This approach can boost your chances of showing up higher in search results and offering valuable info to people no matter where they’re at in their search journey.

Gone are the days when just any webpage could climb its way to the top of search results. Today, it’s super important to make sure your content matches what people are searching for. If you’re using SEO to draw in leads, paying attention to this update is crucial.

To make your content work wonders for lead generation, it should be:

  • Simple and straightforward to read
  • Truly useful for your audience
  • Easy to access on any device
  • Focused on what searchers are aiming to find


5. Omnichannel lead generation

A hot trend in finding new business customers (B2B) is what’s called omnichannel lead generation.

Think about how we’re always online, checking out websites, scrolling through social media, reading emails, or watching shows. This is true for businesses as well – at the end of the day, it’s people from these companies who are doing all this online browsing.

To catch the attention of the best potential business customers, using an omnichannel strategy is key. This means figuring out where these people spend their time online (even if they’re browsing as part of their job) and then making sure you have content for them to find on those platforms.

6. SGE targeting

Google’s SGE is like your online search superhero, making it super easy to find what you’re looking for on Google. Let’s say you’re searching for the best construction equipment. Instead of having to click on a bunch of different websites, SGE gives you a quick summary right there on Google. It’s like getting all the best info without having to dig for it.

If you’re hoping to get more people to visit your website, you’ll want to get cozy with this feature. Make sure your content is just right, so it not only shows up in SGE but also catches people’s eyes enough to click through to your site. Google is encouraging you to be as creative as possible with your content. Think about all the different questions your potential customers might have and answer them.

In plain language, think about what people might want to know. Create content that’s easy to get into, fun to read, and gives them the answers they’re searching for. By doing this, you’ll make your site stand out in Google’s summaries and draw more visitors. Just be helpful, and engaging, and let your content do the attracting!

7. Increased privacy and security

Another big trend in getting new business customers (B2B) is focusing on security and privacy. Nowadays, people are paying attention to their data and how companies handle it. It’s super important to make sure they feel safe and respected when they visit your site.

Here are some ways to keep things secure while also attracting new leads:

  • Let visitors choose which cookies they’re okay with using on your site.
  • Promise to keep their contact info private and stick to it.
  • Send emails that are not only secure but also worth reading.
  • Double-check that your website is a safe place, especially if people can buy things or make transactions there.


8. Conversational content

The last big tip for attracting new customers is all about keeping your content friendly and focused on what the reader wants to know. We mentioned this a bit when we talked about Google’s SGE, but it’s worth repeating: making your content feel like a conversation and tuning into the reader’s needs is key to drawing in and holding onto new folks.

Your aim should be clear in what you’re saying, but also considerate. Rather than just trying to make a quick sale, think about making people happy with your company over the long haul. This is true whether someone is just starting to learn about you, comes back time and again, or has just stumbled upon your site.

You can make your content feel more like a chat in your blog posts, on your homepage, and even in your emails. The goal is to do well in Google’s ever-evolving search rules and keep people interested in what you have to say and offer.

Channel the future of lead generation with Optamark Digital

Figuring out the latest tricks for attracting new customers is awesome, but putting those ideas into practice is where the real magic happens. If you’re looking for a bit of guidance to ensure your strategies are top-notch, look no further than Optamark Digital.

Interested in learning more about how we can boost your business? Take a look at our lead generation services and feel free to request a free quote for your company today!


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