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7 Best Email Marketing Services For Small Businesses!

Email marketing is the email service used to promote small industry products or services to develop relations with clients or potential customers. It is essential to send an email than sending it directly through the postal service like earlier.

You send this commercial email messages to email subscribers; they are the contacts who have signed up with you and given their permission to receive emails from you. Email marketing is used for advertising, driving sales, and attracting a community to your brand. Modern email marketing means in one mail fits all emails instead of focusing on consent, personalization, and segmentation.

These emails are of two kinds, promotional or informational, that fulfill the specific purpose of the buyer journey. Email marketing campaigns aim to promote a new product, special offer, ebook, or webinar. Usually, a campaign consists of 3 to 10 emails sent in several days or weeks.

Informational emails mean newsletters, sharing news related to the business, or highlighting the use of any product. It is sent as per schedule lie weekly pr bi-weekly or monthly helps in keeping a consistent connection with the subscribers.

Email Marketing Services

The best email marketing services enable the creation of a highly engaging email with an easy user interface means drag and drop editor. You will be able to send bulk emails personalized to the targeted audiences without taking much stress. This is also called marketing automation. Moreover, these services make it easy to manage the contact list by segregating users into groups and tracking this marketing campaign’s performance. A good service ensures that your emails are not ending up in the user’s spam folder. 

Here are certain features of email marketing services you should look into before selecting one:

  1. Marketing automation
    Most of the services offer this feature, but its quality may vary from one app to another. When you think of automation, that email marketing service must understand each customer and subscriber journey. With this marketing automation, you can differentiate their mail list and personalize campaigns using specific workflows or customer behavior. Many other features you can find in marketing automation are:
    • Abandoned cart emails
    • Drip email campaigns
    • Recent purchase emails
    • Anniversary or birthday emails

    Drip is the first e-commerce CRM globally that offers interactive automated workflows and tagging with effective triggers.

  2. Interactive Design
    Campaign Monitor is the one when it is about template creativity, originality, and modern designs. This platform also comes with a mobile-first approach it means emails can be designed adaptable to different screen sizes and apps.

  3. Easy to use
    As a marketer, in this busy world of technology and business, you may not have much time to study the entire platform before starting the business. Due to this, they choose simple and minimal email marketing services allowing them to get started fast. And when it is about small businesses, you might not need a bell and whistle for sophisticated solutions.
  4. Cost-effective
    You can find many marketing services that offer free plans for a limited time or subscribers; you can try them. However, if you plan for a long run with an increased number of subscribers, you have to invest in a scalable plan that does not harm your money.

Top 7 Most Popular Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses!

Now let’s look into some of the popular email marketing services for small businesses:

  1. Constant Contactconstant contact - email marketing services - Optamark Digital

    One of the top and fast-growing email marketing services you can find now is Constant Contact. It is a beginner-friendly and easy-to-use marketing service. This provider can help you to manage your email lists, templates, contact, marketing calendar, and many more. The account gives access to easy tracking, unlimited emails and reporting, social media built-in sharing tools, list segmentation, free image library, ads integration, and eCommerce integration. They also offer unmatchable customer support with phone calls, live chatting, emails, community supports, and a big library with helpful resources.

  2. Sendinblue

    sendiblue - email marketing services - Optamark DigitalAre you looking for a fully automated email marketing provider to grow your business? It means you will start a business and grow the list; Sendinblue is the right choice. They also offer drag and drop editors in combination to optimize the email marketing campaign. Other features of Sendinblue are:
    • Landing pages
    • Sign up forms
    • Facebook ads
    • Retargeted ads 
  3. GetResponse
    A feature you can rely on is the quick-action button available on the dashboard. Upload your contacts easily or import them; depending on the size of the list, you can decide. Importing may take few more hours more. GetResponse makes your email relatively straightforward and helps pick up a pre-designed template, starting from blank templates or inserting HTML code into the editor.
  4. MailerLitemailerlite - email marketing services - Optamark Digital
    If you are looking for the simplest email marketing service that offers all the essentials without any fat, MailerLite is a great option. Anyone can have it who wants straightforward emails. They offer automation, pop-ups, landing pages, and surveys, so there is no limit. It also has a drag and drops editor feature to design high-quality messages.


  5. Drip
    Drip is the most powerful platform for bloggers, eCommerce, and digital marketers. They offer different varieties of tools for marketing automation, funnels for sale, and personalization. Their email software offers integration for popular website builders. It allows easy pop-ups and sign-in forms for the website and captures leads.
  6. ConverKit
    ConvertKit allows you to build an email list in three different ways, add each contact, upload emails in a bulk form using a CSV file, or import all the email contacts from any other service. They support only one list of contact, so organize them using any tag.
  7. AWeber
    AWeber is one of the oldest and popular service providers available in the world. They have tools for all small and medium size of business email marketing. It helps to connect with almost all popular platforms. There are so many email marketing services available, but these are the top 7 you can completely depend on for your small business. Constant contact is the best option for non-profit and new small businesses without spending much.