5 Ways Having a Social Media Manager Boosts Business Growth

According to the online market data portal Statista, 90 percent of United States businesses have a social media presence. However, social media for businesses is not just about posting a couple of updates on an official page and answering customer inquiries anymore. Cultivating a robust online presence today is practically a full-time job.

Managing, maintaining, and executing an effective social media strategy involves keeping up with a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment. However, the effort is worth it; here are some benefits your business gets from a strong social media presence.

Social media makes marketing efficient

If you have a well-planned campaign, you can expect to have your brand in front of your audience regularly. Since most people are online these days, maintaining your online presence will help you maintain brand awareness and let you keep your pulse on your customers’ wants. Scheduling posts, interacting with consumers, responding to inquiries, and tracking metrics is easy when you are intentional about social media.

Social media keeps your brand up-to-date

Social media managers stay on top of algorithm changes and the latest developments and trends in the digital space. When someone is in charge of your campaigns, you will have a strategy that works with your other marketing efforts. Maintaining this ensures consistent messaging, which will lead to more leads.

Social media helps you stay relevant

With a social media strategy, you can keep your pulse on what people are interested in, and feed into a steady source of inspiration for your next campaigns. An experienced manager would know what types of messages get views, clicks, and engagement, and they can leverage people’s attention to get the most mileage out of your posts.

A social media presence can build a reputation

Having a dedicated social media manager helps you manage people’s experience of your brand. Though you could get negative messages from customers, your brand’s response to this feedback will prevent negative assumptions about your company.

Conversely, you could be proactive about creating a positive impression through the way you respond to questions. Your manager can maintain a brand persona when responding to comments on your social media posts, for example, or adopt a voice for your updates.

Social media helps you quantify your growth

Analytics can help you understand what you’re doing correctly and what you should improve. When you have a social media manager in charge of your strategy, they can track all aspects of your campaign and identify which areas you should tap for growth.

It means you can create promotions only for specific locations and demographics, focusing on only a few things at a time. When you do this, you keep your brand from spending on promotions that won’t deliver results, and you produce better data for future campaigns.


When you have a social media specialist, you can be sure to improve or maintain your brand’s reputation. Social media managers can keep track of the latest digital marketing developments and create memorable, relatable content for your pages. Best of all, they can help customers develop meaningful interactions with your brand, which is guaranteed to keep you on people’s radars.

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