5 Best Content Marketing Practices That Work

Best Content Marketing 

At its core, content marketing remains the heart of digital marketing. Without its systematic approach to designing content around your customer’s needs, digital marketing would look more like a classified ads page instead of the dynamic form that it comes in today.

However, with the world absolutely drowning in content, it can be difficult to stand out. With 4.4 million blog posts published every day in 2019, it can be tempting to think that it’s become impossible to consistently reach your audience with just content marketing alone. The good news is that content marketing is definitely still alive in 2020—but you’ll probably need more than just a few blog posts to get noticed.

Not to worry, we have compiled five of the best tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals with content marketing.

1. Write for local

One of the most pressing concerns for small business owners and marketers is that whatever you do, somebody else has probably done for longer. This is especially true with content marketing, where ranking for a keyword in a saturated industry can be particularly tough.

An effective way to get around this is by writing for your local market instead of trying to dominate country-wide or even global rankings. This redefines your audience’s scope considerably and allows you to differentiate yourself in content as well. Instead of writing in a general sense, you can write with your state’s particularities in mind, resulting in a far richer and more unique narrative that ties in with your business.

2. Stop selling

Of course, making a sale and driving revenue is still digital marketing’s goal. However, in content marketing, you need to center your content around your client’s needs. Instead of trying to figure out clever product placements, you should be thinking about the value that your content provides to your audience.

3. Optimize your content 

While having a website and a few pages may have provided a competitive edge a few years ago, nowadays that’s barely scraping the minimum. You can be writing the most informative and unique content, but still lag behind your competitors because of poor searchability.

To truly succeed at content marketing, you will definitely have to utilize search engine optimization for your digital marketing strategy. This way, search engines, like Google, can find your content and serve it to customers who need it.

4. Diversify your content

Instead of just publishing long blocks of text, you can enrich your blog posts with other materials such as videos, infographics, and images. This will allow you to also engage with customers who prefer looking into visuals instead of reading block texts. Additionally, these forms of content can be optimized on your page, which also helps in improving your searchability too.

5. Use social media as a distribution channel

Social media presents various opportunities in getting your content on people’s screens. Provided that you’ve already written a great piece of content in a format that your audience responds to, social media marketing can help you reach even more people.

Social media marketing will allow you to engage directly with your readers and can help you reach more of the right people through targeted ads.


Content marketing is still relevant and continues to be the most important piece of the puzzle that is digital marketing. However, given today’s competitive landscape, it’s best to keep up with marketing trends and find a way to keep your content relevant.

As you devise your content strategy, always remember that content marketing is at its best when it serves your customers’ needs. Over time, the content that works are those that make people’s lives easier and provide valuable input—not just the ones that sell products.

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