3 Tips to Improve Your PPC Ad Campaigns Using SEO


Making the most out of your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns means you have to optimize them for search engines. That is because when you do, your PPC ads become much more exciting and relevant to your audience. Not only that, but it also increases your traffic, conversion rates, sales, and more!

That being said, exactly how do you use SEO to enhance your PPC campaigns?

1. Choose the right keywords

You must use the right keywords that best describe your products or services in your PPC campaigns. They should also be the same words people use to look for you and your offerings. Also, the more keywords you have, the greater your reach to your audience.

Keywords are great at improving your rank and becoming more relevant to your audience, but you must use them correctly. Otherwise, using keywords that do not reflect what you have to offer will leave the audience confused as to why your PPC ads gave them something irrelevant. This will cause you to lose customers, and it increases the risk that they will never click on your ads or come back to you anymore.

2. Create compelling ad copy

Your ads need to be exciting and engaging if you want to stand a chance at having them bring you the results you are looking for. To create interesting ad copy, you must keep the following in mind:

One, it needs to have a CTA implemented. The CTA, also known as call-to-action, will motivate the users to follow up after reading the content. Two, it needs to contain at least one keyword relevant to the landing page it is connected to. Finally, it should include contact information, such as phone numbers, social media links, and business addresses. All of these improve your PPC efforts and your rankings.

3. Post your ads at the right time

Timing is everything, and messing it up can cause even the most attractive PPC ads to perform horrendously. For instance, if you frequently run your ads during regular work hours, the chances are that people in your local vicinity will pay no attention to the ads. On the other hand, having the ads up before or after will significantly improve your results.

Put simply, schedule your ads according to the habits of your audience. There are plenty of services out there you can use, such as Google Analytics. Note that you will need to have a campaign running for a few months to get the data you need before you can make an effective schedule.


By following the tips above, you can ensure that your SEO boosts your PPC ad campaigns to bring you the results you need to grow your business. That said, you can follow many other tips, such as optimizing your landing pages to motivate users to act. By paying attention to the sales funnel and SEO, your PPC investments can quickly bring you qualified leads with an increased likelihood of conversion.

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