3 Factors to Consider on Your Next Website Redesign Project

Regardless of who you’re trying to target, what you’re trying to sell, or what your long-term goals are, a crucial part of digital marketing that you can’t miss out on is web design.

Ever since consumers have started taking note of the quality of their experiences with websites, it comes as no surprise that the overall look and feel of a page affects more on conversions than all else. Although it may seem relatively menial at first, the quality of a web design affects your website’s aesthetics, usability, and appeal, all of which are responsible for crafting a pleasing customer experience.

A matter of details

When it comes to understanding what factors lend a significant impact on website design’s overall value and appeal, keep in mind that the details play a crucial role in the bigger picture.

If you want to ensure the overall success of your website’s design and its ability to create more customers for you to profit from, you’ll need to get even the smallest of factors right. Once it comes to creating a desirable effect for your bottom line, it is crucial to look at your website’s design’s critical aspects if you want to create a finished product that works best.

Fortunately, you won’t have to end up tinkering with the wrong factors because we’ve got you covered with a complete guide to three factors that you’ll need to consider:

Factor #1: Responsiveness

With nearly the entire Internet population using their smartphones to access websites and taking on different tasks, having a web design that won’t comply makes for missed opportunities.

Today, having a responsive or mobile-friendly website design is an utmost concern that any firm needs to face because of how users base their purchasing decisions on their experiences. By taking the time to put a mobile-friendly website together, you can outfit it with all the features to maintain its ability to provide high-quality user experiences on any device for more conversions!

Factor #2: White space

Although website design principles of the past emphasized using a sense of maximalism to make the most out of the given space, things are quite the opposite today.

Like having personal space in a store, keeping a white space balance in your website design makes it easier to give your visitors the breathing room that they need to make up their minds. Additionally, using white space carefully on your system makes for a much cleaner look in the process, allowing your products to shine best while maintaining a professional feel!

Factor #3: Website speed

During any website redesign project, a crucial factor that must always be considered is the amount of time it takes for your website to load up on a user’s browser.

In recent years, the idea of website speed has become such a crucial topic of discussion among most website designers, owners, and developers because of the average user’s shortened patience. Seeing that most users will only wait three seconds at most before leaving a website, having a fast loading speed will set you up with an immeasurable advantage right off the bat!


When it comes to any type of website design project, it’s no secret that creating a successful finished product is a goal that can never be overlooked. This is why it’s vital to get even the most minute details right. Through this guide’s help, you can save yourself from making the crucial mistake of overlooking a critical element (or all three of them) that will make or break the effectiveness of your finished product!

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